Australian Survivor tops The Block in demos, Seven wins Tuesday.

Ratings: Ratings champ The Block is challenged by a new contender, while Outback Truckers helps Seven to a network win.

There were a number of take-outs from last night’s television ratings results.

While The Block won its slot at 852,000,  Australian Survivor was knocking on its door at 793,000. That was again the best performance by the 10 show since launch. Significantly, Australian Survivor beat The Block across all three demos.

Following were Dogs Behaving Very Badly (519,000), 7:30 (489,000) and Foreign Correspondent (404,000).

SeaChange won its slot at 557,000, a lift on week two, which helped Nine to just clinch a primary channel lead.

But 7mate’s Outback Truckers also topped multichannels at 164,000 which impacted overall.

Seven network won Tuesday with 28.4% then Nine 27.8%, 10 20.7%, ABC 15.1% and SBS 8.0%.

Seven News (1.05m / 1.01m) was #1 for Seven then Home and Away (687,000) and The Chase (608,000 / 389,000). Movie: Kingsman: The Golden Circle was 353,000.

Nine News was 839,000 / 809,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (759,000), SeaChange (557,000), Hot Seat (474,000 / 302,000), and Kath & Kim (228,000).

The Project drew 502,000 / 297,000 then 10 News First (405,000). Celebrity Name Game was 235,000 then NCIS (217,000 / 130,000).

ABC News (585,000), Catalyst (339,000), Miriam’s Deathly Adventure (222,000) and The Drum (176,000) comprised ABC’s remaining shows.

On SBS it was London: 2000 Years of History (254,000), Insight (212,000), SBS World News (160,000), 8 Out of 10 Cats (87,000) and Mastermind (82,000).

Sunrise: 298,000
Today: 190,000
News Breakfast: 115,000 / 44,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 20 August 2019.

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  1. I reckon The Block is same old same old and viewers are wanting to try something new. With Survivor having a great competition with great characters then that’s attracting a lot of word of mouth.
    Can I ask a stupid question ? Do the couples on The Block actually do much / any of the grunt building work themselves, and do they even really design the rooms, or do professional designers take over that ?
    Whenever I switch it on the contestants are usually shopping or gas bagging…

  2. Its an awesome season of survivor!! So happy they were so close to the block last night wow…. I just hope 10 dont do this theme again for fear of overkill. Would love to see brain vs braun vs beauty! Spice it up!

  3. The key to a successful Survivor is the casting, and with that the classic ‘hero v villain’ showdown. David vs Shaun … Harry vs Janine … Andy vs well, himself!! They can all narrate the story brilliantly too. This season has a Survivor: Cagayan feel to it where Tony Vlachos, Chaos Kass, Spencer and Woo (to a lesser extent) took the game play to a whole new level.
    I’ve been watching since Borneo and can’t remember a time recently when so many new fans to the show have jumped on board and are hooked.
    This is exceptional from Channel 10 and they should capitalise in the next 2-3 seasons with a Heroes v Villains edition.

  4. Glad to see Survivor doing well. Hope they have decent insurance contracts since Ross was on 10 morning show and said his ankle was still in moonboot “2 months on”.

    I’m a bit irritated that the producers seem to be openingly manipulating things. The week Shaun being ‘kidnapped’ instead of booted didn’t seem in the spirit of the game and Jonathan’s tribal questions seem to be targeted to interfere with what is going to be said, unlike US host Jeff who is much vaguer. The merge ending up with equal champs and contenders seemed more than a coincidence.

    Andy’s exit comment on “Dave has an idol” is priceless. Favourite move in any Survivor (US or aussie) I’ve seen. Get him back for another season please.

  5. This time last year The Block got 952,000 but this year it got a lower 852,000. That’s a dramatic drop in viewership that is cause for concern but on the other hand Survivor was at 661,000 last year and has increased it’s viewership to 793,000. It’s clear lots of viewers are getting tired of The Block and turning to Survivor as an alternative.

      1. Yep an The Block pulled 1,120,000 for the Sunday Reveal Show up against The Ashes which was a 1,000 up on the previous year so people are watching just not all nights. Which I understand as prior to the Judges walking in and “reviewing” the room(s) you get a highlights package of how the week went for the contestants. I would think some like myself don’t bother with the week at all and just catch the reveal show, albeit for me recorded on my PVR and advert skipped.

        Having said that it likely does point to The Block getting a little stale as up until last year I would catch some of the shows but just don’t bother now. Basically the challenges put me off and the general bickering, on top of not really seeing much of the works in progress mostly them shopping for their build and staging.

        Still yes good figures with some good competition around and no way dropping like MKR or…

  6. Damn, what a brilliant exit by Andy! Whilst I wasn’t a fan of his,it was a inspired bomb to drop and it’s a shame he didn’t make it to the jury which would’ve been amazing for a superfan. I’m also so glad to see the lines between Champions and Contenders blurring so fast after the merge. I reckon it’s gonna be a spectacular endgame.

  7. So happy people are really starting to support Survivor. Dave is sneaky and really good value but oh my goodness I like Shaun and really hope he wins it. He is the biggest threat to David and at least he wins immunity challenges, not like Dave and Luke.

    1. Yes, sure is ! Really loving this season of Survivor.
      Slimy Dave, despicable as he is, definitely makes entertaining viewing. That popcorn scene was priceless !
      So disappointing to see Roscoe leave due to injury. He was my favourite by a long way – such a loveable larrikan and lovely guy. I’ m betting he’ll be back next year as he seems to be so popular with viewers.

      1. Loving David too. He is evil but oh so clever!

        So glad 10 is doing well in the demos too. What with HYBPA? Aus Survivor, Googlebox and The Bachelor they have some loyal viewers across the week.

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