Brian Henderson honoured

Legendary broadcaster Brian Henderson was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2019 Kennedy Awards on Friday night.

Henderson, 87, was presented with the award by Nine News presenter Peter Overton and The Daily Telegraph editor Ben English.

“I am honoured and I am flattered, after 47 years in a job that I love doing and which gave me so much, to be acknowledged in this way tops it all off. The way it is, Friday the 9th of August, this is Brian Henderson, good night,” he said.

Darren Wick, Nine National Director of News & Current Affairs said, “Brian Henderson is the face of Nine News that generations of Australians trusted and relied upon every weeknight to tell them the news without fear or favour. But it’s his heart, soul and integrity that, to this day, set the tone for Nine. He is a perfectionist who values accuracy above all else and always put the needs of our viewers first. His warmth and honesty guided us during some of the most testing times.

“It’s an honour to see Brian Henderson recognised with this Lifetime Achievement Award. Everyone at Nine continues to strive daily to meet the highest of standards that he set.

“And, following in the tradition established by Brian, we’re proud that Nine’s quality journalism has been recognised by the Kennedy Awards. Thank you to our amazing and hard-working teams for their consistently excellent work.”

Sydney’s 7News Director, Jason Morrison, also congratulated wins by Europe Bureau cameraman James Cannon, reporter Bryan Seymour, and executive producer Alison Sandy.

“It’s great seeing our cameramen once again dominating their profession and awarded for their quality and courage – and it’s always good to see Bryan and Alison’s passion and hard work being acknowledged.

TV Winners:

Les Kennedy Award – Outstanding Crime Reporting
Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop, Lesley Robinson and Suzanne Dredge (Four Corners, ABC Investigations);

The Paul Lockyer Award – Outstanding Regional Broadcast Reporting
ABC Television News Team

Outstanding Online Video
“The Lady Vanishes” – Bryan Seymour, Alison Sandy, Sally Eeles, Paul Walker (7

Gary Ticehurst Award
Outstanding TV News Camera Coverage
James Cannon (7 News)

Harry Potter Award
Outstanding Television News Reporting
Hannah Sinclair (Nine News)

Outstanding Television Current Affairs Reporting Long Form
Anne Connolly, Mary Fallon, Patricia Drum (Four Corners ABC-TV)

The Mike Willesee Award
Outstanding Nightly Current Affairs
Adele Ferguson, Chris Gillett (7.30 ABC-TV)

Outstanding Consumer Affairs Reporting
Liam Bartlett, Joel Tozer (60 Minutes, Nine)

Rebecca Wilson Award
Scoop of the Year
Danny Weidler (Nine News)

Outstanding Investigative Reporting
Peter Charley (Al Jazeera)

Outstanding Political Reporting
Sky News Australia;

Journalist of the Year
Anne Connolly (ABC Investigations)

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  1. Ah, fond recollections of the days when news was presented with information about what has happened, with no nod to which way you should think about it, and no filling in with endless speculation about what might happen! Hendo was one of the greats!

  2. … er aren’t the Kennedy Awards supposed to be about “journalism”? Hendo was a consummate television presenter and did a great job on Bandstand and the 9 News for many years, but he never made any claim to being a “journalist”.

    • Worked with him at TCN9 mid-60s – 70s. Rehearsing the news in the house up on the front street. Always rewriting and altering scripts to give a “better, more natural read”. Mentoring, as there’s more to television news than just reading what someone else has written.

      • Nothing against Hendo, he was, as I said, one of the best (although you do realise his famous sign-off “the way it is” was pinched from Walter Cronkite?), but every newsreader worth his/her salt rewrites scripts – I did it myself, because journos tend to write copy to be “read” not “spoken”. As for “mentoring”, I also remember the scuttlebut from the 9 newsrooms in Sydney and Melbourne in the 80’s when the “Brian told me” promos hit the airwaves – the journos were mighty cheesed off that the autocue readers were getting the credit rather than them!!

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Excellent….lovely man…still looks as good as ever… 👌😊
    Congratulations to all the other winners…..they make our viewing worthwhile…

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