Fat Pizza back in business for 7mate

Paul Fenech cult comedy has been revived by 7mate.

Paul Fenech cult comedy Fat Pizza has been revived for a new season on 7mate.

Previously screening on SBS, the knockabout series about the perils of life as a pizza delivery guy enjoyed
six seasons and two feature films. It also brazenly indulged in political incorrectness, with Fenech signalling more to come.

Fat Pizza Is one of the boldest Aussie comedies on television,” says Fenech. “Get set for bigger and cheesier storylines straight from the headlines. Social media trolls, get ready to rumble!”

Returning cast are Paul Nakad (Sleek) and Johnny Boxer (Bobo) plus Housos characters Shazza (Elle Dawe) Vanessa (Vanessa Davis) and Kev the Kiwi (Kev Taumata). Maria Venuti is understood to have agreed to a cameo as Mama.

Guest cast includes Brendan Jones, Jean Kittson, Anthony Mundine, Angry Anderson, Holly Brisley, Melissa Tkautz, Chris Franklin, Garry Who and George Kapiniaris.

New characters are Chef Jin Pin (Joe June), Jayden, The Proud Bogan Aussie (Peter Chidiac) and Mexican Rapper Tuco Swarez (Mero Vago D’cora).

Fat Pizza: Back In Business is produced by Antichocko Productions and screen on 7mate later this year.

Fenech reprises his lead role of Pauly Falzoni, former pizza delivery boy now boss, trying to rebuild the infamous Fat Pizza restaurant in the notorious suburb of Hashfield.

Struggling to get his business up and running, Pauly finds himself fighting with councils, street gangs, politicians and a new foe, the world of app driven delivery services.

With underpaid workers and a pizza chef struggling with English, Pauly’s business dreams quickly turn into a living nightmare.

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  1. whilst this is a cult classic I wonder if it can still capture what it had originally. I feel like the first couple of seasons where the best. I also wonder if it will still be able to get away with the non-pc stuff

    1. I suppose if they get the rights to previous seasons (like Seven did with Shift and Swift Couriers), the newer episodes can compare favourably with earlier seasons (in terms of them being un-PC). Frankly, I don’t see why people are so gutless in that regard. Further and further, our presumption of free speech in a supposedly free society is being eroded by an extreme minority hell-bent on dictating our sensibilities.

      Plus, South Park routinely gets away with an awful lot with relatively little controversy (the most notable perhaps being the Bloody Mary episode, which I believe has since aired a few times on FTA). For example, I don’t often watch South Park due to their casual blasphemy (and an episode like Bloody Mary would most likely offend me), but I wouldn’t begrudge other people from watching it, nor do I begrudge the existence of South Park in and of itself.

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