Fran Kelly to host Insiders for remainder of 2019

Fran Kelly will take over as host of ABC’s Insiders until the end of the year.

The Age reports she told her Radio National audience this morning.

The role requires her in Melbourne which leaves Patricia Karvelas and Hamish Macdonald to take over her radio position for the rest of the year.

David Speers will be taking over as full-time host of Insiders in 2020, following veteran Barrie Cassidy’s exit.

ABC had previously indicated the role would be shared this year with Annabel Crabb.


  1. I’m quite amused reading the below comments….some claim Fran is a Conservative, others claim she is bias to the Left….which is it I wonder. I will watch Insiders this morning and decide for myself where I think her political persuasions lie ?

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