Samuel Johnson reaches $10m goal for Love Your Sister

Actor and Gold Logie winner Samuel Johnson has reached an incredible $10m goal raised for cancer research through Love Your Sister charity.

The group was formed after co-founder Connie Johnson dared her younger brother to unicycle around the country in the face of her terminal diagnosis with breast cancer.

Sam Johnson took major time out from his career to devote to the mission, including vowing not to act again until a goal of $10m had been reached.

Sadly Connie lost her fight with breast cancer in 2017, but Sam kept up the fundraising, buoyed by a zealous and well-connected community.

“First I promised my sister then I promised all of us. It took 7 years,” he wrote on Instagram.

“We came good. Thank you. $10m for cancer research banked.

“I’m the proudest brother in the world right now. Thanks for showing me how to be. You gave me somewhere to belong. F*** I love this village.

“Today I stand tall. Speaking of merch, Grab your #nowisawesome tee, now. Because now is the awesomest.”

An amazing achievement, congrats to Sam and all at Love Your Sister.


  1. Great news!! Reading this is almost enough to bring a tear to my eye. He is the definition of living life to the fullest & making the most of every moment for a greater good. We’ll done to him & all supporters. Every time I’ve seen him on The Project I need to prepared for an emotional rollercoaster

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