Vale: Malcolm T. Elliott

Former Sydney radio personality who was a regular on Celebrity Squares, has died.

Former Sydney radio personality Malcolm T. Elliott, who was a regular on Celebrity Squares, has died aged 73.

He died from natural causes due to a heart condition.

He had a long broadcasting career including at radio stations 2UW, 2GB and 2UE.

In 1973 he was one of the 5 regulars on Celebrity Squares along with Bert Newton, Don Lane, Chelsea Brown, and Ugly Dave Gray, who gave Elliott the nickname of Malcolm T-shirt Elliott.

His television work included In Wollongong Tonight on WIN-4 in 1981, as a last minute replacement for Eric Walters. He had also worked at Channel 7 Adelaide hosting “Long-Weekend” movie marathons.

The media personality battled health problems over the past few years. He had five heart by-passes in 2004.

Sadly, he shared a Facebook post that he was ‘alone, homeless and desperate’ in Lismore just days before he died.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Knew Malcolm, well…My Dad was the Director of Internal Transportation (lift driver) at 2UW…he did a 5 minutes stint on air at 8.25AM each morning with Malcolm…very sad ?

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