Visit the Kath & Kim house

‘Chateau Kath’ in "Fountain Lakes" will be opened to the public for a good cause before it undergoes renovations.

‘Chateau Kath’ , the house used as the famed home of Kath & Kim, will be open to the public next week before it undergoes renovations.

Home owner Joanne Kelly, who lost her first husband to brain cancer, is opening up the Fountain Patterson Lakes residence at 4 Lagoon Place from 10am – 3pm on Saturday 31 August. Monies raised from a mere $5 entry will go towards Carrie Bickmore’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer fund.

“My friends always said to me, before we start renovations, we had to do a Kath & Kim party… I thought instead of a party, we could turn this into something for charity,” she told the Herald Sun.

“The famous kitchen, the tiles and the living room with the fireplace are all the same from the original series.”

Nine is currently in reruns of the series which aired first on ABC and later on Seven.

The house last sold in late 2016 for $1,485,000.

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