Kath & Kim o-v-a-h

Glenn Robbins recently delivered the bad news for hornbag fans.

2022 was time for a Kath & Kim Anniversary with two specials on Seven, but there are no plans for more.

Glenn Robbins recently delivered the bad news for fans.

“Of course, I worked with the great girls of Kath and Kim – Jane Turner and Gina Riley –who are absolutely phenomenal,” Robbins told 3AW.

“Gina has officially retired. She will never work again. Jane lives in Italy, and so we had our time together.

“I can say there are great minds that I love, but I love the great minds I get to work with.”

Kath & Kim: Our Effluent Life drew an impressive 786,000 metro viewers last year for Seven although Kath & Kim: 20 Preposterous Years slipped to 506,000. The original ‘Fountain Lakes” home was also demolished a year ago.

But the show lives on in rerun heaven for diehard fans on 7Plus, Netflix and endless YouTube clips. Noice.

Source: Herald Sun

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  1. Sadly all good things must come to an end…I have enjoyed every episode because it was…noice different unusual…I’ll have one last Cardonnay and Baby Cheeses to celebrate the end of a great era on Australian TV..
    Thanks to all for the laughs and those who helped make it.👏

  2. We were never regular watchers but my 17 year old and his friends have discovered it and he’s asked for a Kath & Kim themed 18th birthday party this year.

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