Airdate: Gigantes

2018 Spanish drama Gigantes, set in Madrid’s Gypsy underground, screens next week on SBS.

The 6 part drama comes with English subtitles.

Gigantes is a cinematic crime saga about fraternal love and hate, drug dealing, and police chases, set in Madrid’s Gypsy underground.

The Guerrero brothers have controlled drug dealing between the Peninsula and the rest of Europe for decades. Now they face one of the most crucial moments in their history. The eldest brother, Daniel, is released after fifteen years in prison, and he is eager to regain his place in his family. But the world Daniel had left behind does not exist anymore. His father, Abraham, the head of the family, suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. His brother Clemente has disappeared, and Tomás, who is in charge of the family business, is wary of his brother’s return.

With Abraham fading away, Daniel, Tomás, and Clemente all have their own plans, but only one can take their father’s place. The war has begun.

Series One, Episode One:
The Guerrero family has lived for decades in the heart of Madrid’s most traditional district. Now, Abraham Guerrero, patriarch and widower, how been controlling drug trafficking in his district for years, has decided to expand his business. But he will need the loyalty and collaboration of his three sons: Daniel, Tomás and Clemente. These, raised under his stern hand, have their own plans. But only one can take Abraham’s place. The war has begun.

Tuesday, 24 September at 11.00pm on SBS.

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