Block, Survivor in close battle on Monday.

Ratings: Reality juggernauts duke it out with Nine emerging as victor.

Nine and 10 reality giants were locked in a two way fight last night with Nine barely emerging as victor.

The Block drew 940,000 while Australian Survivor was a season high at 926,000 with 10 topping the demos, as Luke “King of the Jungle” was sent packing.

Nine’s reality show hasn’t seen competition like this for some time and has a fight on its hands to retain the slot tonight.

In their wake were Australian Story (723,000), 7:30 (618,000), Highway Patrol (536,000) and Motorbike Cops (513,000).

Have You Been Paying Attention? won its slot with 826,000 with This Time Next Year (543,000) as its nearest rival.

Nine network won Monday with 26.7% then Seven 25.8%, 10 22.4%, ABC 17.2% and SBS 7.1%.

Nine News (962,000 / 922,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair drew 845,000 then Hot Seat (467,000 / 275,000).

Seven News was #1 with 1.02m / 1.01m for Seven. Home and Away (692,000) and The Chase (572,000 / 350,000) followed then The Rookie (364,000) and SWAT (262,000).

The Project was 529,000 / 271,000 for 10 then 10 News First (382,000), a replay of Part Time Private Eyes (266,000) and Celebrity Name Game (193,000).

ABC News (667,000) Four Corners (489,000), Media Watch (435,000), Q&A (333,000), The Drum (194,000) also comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Elizabeth (154,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (147,000), SBS World News (140,000), Let’s Talk About Sex (116,000) and Mastermind (84,000).

NCIS topped multichannels on 10 BOLD with 162,000.

Sunrise: 302,000
Today: 199,000
News Breakfast: 110,000 / 41,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 16 September 2019

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  1. So pleased for 10. Wanted them to hit 900K+
    for last night’s ep and they did. They have done well to stick with this brand. It certainly has improved over the three years. 10 will have to select carefully next year to ensure they select people like the likeable Luke and Ross and strategic players like David, Harry & Janine to have viewers hooked.

    Not sure now Luke has gone if ratings will rise further or drop. Will definitely watch regardless.

    1. Finale was well over 900,000 as well. The viewers were well rewarded. Audible gasps to be heard when Pia told Baden that to win he would have to remove the player that no-one else had been able to remove (Harry). The title was won right there.

  2. Regarding Survivor, I have never seen so much on Facebook relating to the one TV show – alot about what happened with Pia voting Luke – so many agreeing, so many not agreeing, so many debating, questioning if some don’t know the “game” Survivor, etc. Usually I don’t read comments on Facebook stories, but this one I have found interesting. Even some saying “first time I have ever cried watching Survivor”.

    Thank goodness I had finally caught up and was able to watch close to live on the night as had been behind most of this season, even skipping a few watching the “previously on Survivor” bits to get updated!

  3. Celebrity Name Game now dropping to Pointless-like numbers (and like Family Feud before it). 10 are absolutely bonkers for slotting one game show flop after another while being dwarfed by Seven and Nine who beat their 6pm offerings fivefold.

    10 relied far too much on Family Feud and oversaturated the brand by having it on six nights a week with additional primetime specials. Pointless never stood a chance as it’s too niche for the timeslot (the hilariously measly cash prizes didn’t help either).

    Surely even Bold would perform better at 6pm (though the idea of a daytime soap in primetime is laughable). I know they’ve tried it over a decade ago, but desperate times…?

    1. I think the zaniness of the show could wear on people – I know it’s worn on me, I’ve stopped watching because it’s just so over the top for early evening. It’d be better in a Saturday night slot.

      1. Yes! Exactly!

        I don’t watch game shows for prizes – who cares what they win – I’m not winning them!

        Its all about questions and being able to participate and answer or simply relax and enjoy. Hard Quiz is the best and so entertaining, while Celeb we are over it as well even though we would play/pause and do as family, skipping all the carry on. Pointless we used to also play pause and try to get the answers. Have tried Mastermind but too niche in questions and not really entertaining (although I loved the original in the early 80’s). Sometimes do the Chase as well as there are soooo many questions to answer. Hot Seat – not enough questions and dragged out, never watch.

        I miss shows like Temptation/Sale of the Century though and was excited about the prospect of a new version.

  4. Baden will definitely make the final 2 imo. If Harry or Pia win immunity, they will see him as an adversary they can prevail over for the votes of the jury. He has got through by being perceived as a lesser threat, rather than an instigator, which isn’t a bad strategy but could fail at the final hurdle. I also think that Baden would take Pia, again maybe perceived as a lesser threat. So the pressure is on Harry and I’m not sure he’s the best at endurance, which is normally what the final immunity is. So I go for Pia for the win.

  5. Big numbers for Survivor. I predicated when this was picked up by Ten it would nor rate due to the format being so old. I was wrong hats off to Ten for bringing back the series and making it such a success

  6. So happy for Survivor & 10! I feel like word of mouth on how good this show is has helped it grow its fan base from the first season(on 10) it really is top notch quality matching the US. I hope TAR Aus is just as good

          1. The entire jury have all had time to discuss and mull over the final 2, so between them they will all know full well who each other voted and therefore the result, even if multiple results get taped.

        1. Pia’s also had the best ‘Winner’s story’ of the 3 across the entire series. In the first episode as someone above stated she said “I’ll either be the first voted out or the winner”. We’ve seen Pia’s personal stories; plus many of her game play moves.

          Neither Baden or Harry were given an edit; particularly pre-game that would suggest they’d win Survivor.

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