Everyone under a million…

Ratings: Not a single show averaged over one million metro viewers last week.

In what must be a first in a very long time, not a single show averaged over one million metro viewers last week, during survey.

The top ranking show of the week was The Block at 976,000 viewers. While Seven News drew up to 1,051,000 on Monday, its average for the week was still under the magic million. It’s a blow to Free to Air TV as competition from Streaming is set to increase with Disney+ and Apple TV+ on the way.

Nine won another week and led 25-54 and 16-39 demos. Cricket on 9GEM topped multichannels with AFL Finals regaining network share for Seven on Friday and Saturday. Australian Survivor continues to score for 10, now just a week from its finale.

Nine: 31.5
Seven: 30.5
10: 17.2
ABC: 14.6
SBS: 6.2

Primary channel:
Nine: 20.9
Seven: 19.8
10: 11.9
ABC: 10.2
SBS: 3.6

9GEM: 5.7
7mate: 4.7
10 BOLD: 3.3
7TWO: 3.0
9GO!: 2.8
ABC KIDS Comedy: 2.5
7flix: 2.4
9Life / 10 Peach: 2.1
ABC News: 1.3
SBS Food: 0.9
7food / ABC ME / SBS World Movies: 0.6
NITV: 0.1

Nine won Sunday – Thursday. Seven won Friday & Saturday. ABC bettered 10 on Friday & Saturday.

Seven led in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Nine claimed Sydney & Brisbane.

Best brands last week were:

Nine: The Block (Sun: 976,000), Nine News (Sun: 879,000), A Current Affair (704,000) and 60 Minutes (678,000).

Seven: Seven News (Sun: 944,000), Seven’s AFL (Fri: 803,000), Australia’s Got Talent (696,000) and Home and Away (574,000).

10: Australian Survivor (Tues: 808,000), Have You Been Paying Attention? (747,000), The Bachelor (Wed: 674,000) and Gogglebox (605,000).

ABC: Old People’s Home for 4 Years Old (630,000), ABC News (Sun: 599,000), Australian Story (573,000) and Four Corners (532,000).

SBS: Britain’s Most Historic Towns (217,000), Tony Robinson’s Coast to Coast (209,000), Elizabeth (179,000) and Insight (171,000).

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  1. I wonder how this will play out.
    Just over 10 years ago show like Packed To The Rafters could still attract several million, meaning many of the characters like Carbo cetc became household names. Now, we have so many choices, the days of people being able to speak about what they watched on TV last night – are just about gone.

  2. Not surprised FTA is dying. Streaming is just so much easier. You can watch what you want when you want and with no ads and usually hours after the US. I watch HYBPA? on Tenplaly but apart from that I have given up on FTA. It takes so long for American shows to air and when they do there is a good chance it will be randomly dumped for more trash they are also always late and full of ads.

  3. FTA maybe on the decline but Free-To-View is on the rise. Originally classified as “Catch-up” these channels now have some exclusive content as well as catch-up, preview and niche shows that wouldn’t get an airing on FTA. One door closes…. Pay-to-View Shows/Movies streamed from the big studios will eat into Netflix and Apple but you can’t beat “free”.

  4. Strip news out and Ten looking very strong. Not sure what the Aussie definition of prime time is but at this time of year at least suspect it is a much closer story than the all day shared suggest.

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