Gogglebox gives Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians the thumbs down

Gogglebox families were unimpressed with the first of 10’s Pilot Week, Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians.

Here’s a collection of their thoughts on the show with high end concierge Karim organising a fashion dog show…

Why doesn’t she just donate?

You’re so annoying!

What did she do for the show? Nothing.

I hate Krystal so much.

This could not be more unnecessary.

I’m so confused.

I thought we were doing a fashion show with poor dogs?

That was painful.

That was one of the weirdest shows I’ve ever seen in my life.


But one pair, enjoyed what they saw.

“I really enjoyed that!” declared Tim and Leanne.

Points for honesty anyway.


  1. If someone told the young me that in the future there would be a show about people at home watching and commenting on TV shows I would’ve laughed in their face as much as I dislike Rove at least his now axed shoe was more appealing

  2. Based on that episode of Gogglebox I feel as though I haven’t missed anything on Aussie TV this week.

    I’d already watched Australian Story prior which was a lovely watch.

  3. I am enjoying it….left channel on after Gogglebox….nearly turned off with the intravenous infusions…but then I got into it….
    Is that Lee Lee Chin narrating?….OK….I Googled and up popped your other post… 👌😁

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