Pilot Week ratings are in

I Am Roxy is in a box seat for a series approval if Overnight ratings are anything to go by.

The pilot by Matchbox Pictures / 2 Scoops Media drew 399,000 viewers, the highest of any pilot across both 2018 and 2019 pilot weeks.

While the show drew a mixed response on social media, Roxy Jacenko nevertheless attracts media coverage online, in print and radio, all of which is appealing to 10.

Here are the overnight ratings for each:

I Am Roxy 399,000
Part Time Private Eyes 344,000
Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians 178,000
My 80 Year Old Flatmate 174,000

All will finish with higher number thanks to replays and Timeshifting.

And a reminder of 2018 Overnight numbers:

Kinne Tonight* 378,000
Trial by Kyle* 372,000
Drunk History 366,000
Skit Happens 347,000
Taboo* 277,000
Dave 246,000
Disgrace 227,000
Bring Back… Saturday Night* 203,000

* approved to series.


  1. I will be one of the timeshift viewers for the Private Eye show. I am looking forward to watching it from the promos. None of the others aimed at my demo.

    The paradox is that my demo and older are the ones watching FTA, not the apparently cashed up demo that these shows try to capture.

  2. You have got to be kidding I actually never watched any of them this year absolutely none of them interested me. Last year I tried all of them bar one even Kyle’s (what happened to that show) and most of them I enjoyed. But not these ones and the fact that the worst Joxy whatever her name is the highest rating proves once again that ratings are rubbish like the shows they put on this year!

  3. You’ve gotta suspect that Rove is the favoured child at Ten, considering his low rating pilot went to production. Beverley McGarvan is in complete denial that it was a horrible show and not at all “variety”.

    Speaking to The Gold Coast Bulletin on Sunday, Network Ten’s chief content officer, Beverley McGarvey revealed that its dismal ratings can be attributed to a lack of interest in variety shows.

    “There’s a place for entertainment, there’s a place for comedy. Is there a place for what you’d traditionally call variety, I don’t know,” she admitted.

    Furthermore, McGarvey argued that Rove was a huge talent and that she was unaware of any other TV star who could’ve made the variety show work.

    “Rove is such a good talent and is such a legacy talent in this country, so if Rove can’t resonate the way that we want [I’m not sure who could],” she said.

    • “Network Ten’s chief content officer, Beverley McGarvey revealed that its dismal ratings can be attributed to a lack of interest in variety shows.”

      People want Variety shows. But they need some money behind it, not ones that are produced on a shoe-string budget.

      Put a variety show on one of the strongest viewing days IE Wednesday evening. Avoid moving it to weekends until you develop a strong audience that’s willing to move with the show. Just a thought.

  4. Last year 10 clearly was on the hunt for a comedy, this year a trashy reality show. Next year should just be TV’s Grant Denyer filming 5 game show pilots, top one to replace CNG..

  5. The majority of viewers do not fit the target demographic but the claim is the demo.targets are are ones that spend the most (Correct me me if am wrong )

  6. Just when I thought so-called ‘Reality TV’ couldn’t get any more moronic, this vacuous, sub-intellectual rubbish floats to the surface of the ‘reality’ show cesspit. If it works for some people, so be it; but, seriously?

  7. You have to wonder the choice of timeslots for some of these. I reckon Ten would be better off have a dedicated night to air all pilot shows and promoting it like hell. Probably a Wednesday night with a replay on Thursday on Peach.

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