New David Attenborough series filming in Australia

World Exclusive: UK-Australian co-production Life in Colour will screen on Nine in 2021.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: A landmark new nature series presented by Sir David Attenborough has commenced production in Australia.

Co-commissioned for the Nine network, Stan, the BBC and Netflix, Life in Colour is a co-production between Australia and the United Kingdom, produced by SeaLight Pictures and Humble Bee Films. Principal production investment is from Screen Australia, in association with Screen NSW.

The series explores the way colour is intimately connected to almost every story nature has to tell. Colour makes our world a beautiful place to live in, but there is so much more to it than beauty. As Sir David will illustrate, colour is the amazing way animals both communicate and collaborate – it’s even their language of life and death.

Production on the series is now underway, with Australian filming locations including Adelaide River (NT); Sydney and Thredbo (NSW); and around Lizard Island and the Channel Country (Qld).

Patrick Holland, Controller, BBC TWO, said: “Any series authored by Sir David is very special and this promises to be exceptional. I am looking forward to seeing the combination of innovative photography and rich analysis to explore the role colour plays in animals’ lives.”

Head of Documentary at Screen Australia, Bernadine Lim, said: “This is a prestigious opportunity for local production company SeaLight Pictures to work on a large-scale co-production with global reach. The series will leave an enduring legacy for our national identity through innovation and scientific insights as it presents a new way of seeing and understanding Australia’s unique fauna.”

The key creative team includes Colette Beaudry (Shark Exile; Can We Save the Reef?), Sharmila Choudhury (Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities), Stephen Dunleavy (Tasmania: Weird and Wonderful), Adam Geiger (Can We Save The Reef?), Nick Green (Seven Worlds, One Planet) and Sally Thomas (Attenborough and the Sea Dragon). Colette Beaudry and Stephen Dunleavy are executive producers.

Life in Colour will air on Nine early in 2021 as part of a co-ordinated worldwide premiere and screen to Netflix members outside the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

Flame Distribution will manage international sales.

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  1. It’s been a while since an Attenborough series has been filmed in Australia, hasn’t it? Hopefully it could showcase our wonderful landscapes and flora & fauna, while maybe having a segment shining a light on climate change & it’s effects on this ‘World of Colour’.

    As with most David Attenborough series, this looks to be a good hit.

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