Returning: Playing for Keeps

Season 2 of WAGs drama Playing for Keeps begins on 10 in mid October.

Returning cast include Madeleine West, Cece Peters, Annie Maynard, Olympia Valance and Isabella Giovinazzo, plus Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Jackson Gallagher, Kevin Hofbauer, George Pullar, Ethan Panizza & Ben Chapple.

Scott Major directs the first two episodes.

OMG the time has finally come – everyone’s favourite WAGs are back. And they’re bringing the most shocking scandals, delicious drama, scorching heat and outrageous controversies with them.

After six months abroad, Paige returns home from London and a lot has changed since she’s been gone. Kath is now on the board of the Southern Jets, while Jessie is busy living in unconventional family bliss with Rusty, JJ and new baby Georgie. Determined to rebuild herself following her split with Connor, Tahlia is back with strategy, laser focus and a whole new vision for her brand.

With the rise of Travis as head coach of the Southern Jets, Maddy now has to add the wife related duties of his new role to her ever spinning plates. Her first task? Welcoming the new star recruit’s girlfriend, Kendall, to the club. Strap yourselves in: this is set to be a scandalous and bumpy ride.

8:40pm Wednesday October 16 on 10.


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