Playing for Keeps: trailer

TEN has released a trailer for its upcoming new drama, Playing for Keeps.

The Screentime drama centres around the women behind AFL players. The series is written by Claire Phillips, Christine Bartlett, Ian Meadows & Ainslie Coulston.

An airdate is yet to be announced.

From the grandstands and the locker rooms to the red carpets and the bedrooms, this addictive new series dives into the salacious world of Aussie Rules football, unearthing secrets, lies and scandals along the way.

In a realm where the power players are the women, what truly makes the wives and girlfriends of football’s elite tick? Infatuation, love, authority or relevance?

Playing For Keeps features a superb all-star cast including Madeleine West, Cece Peters, Annie Maynard, Olympia Valance, Isabella Giovinazzo and Jeremy Lindsay Taylor.

This bold, brassy and dangerous drama depicts the lives of the sporting world’s rich and famous, proving that when the cream of the crop fly high, they sometimes feel the heat.


  1. Thank god for something different for a change, not another cop or medical drama. I’m a Madeleine West fan so will give it a look even though im not into sport much, still if its done well that shouldn’t matter as it will have more than that dimension.

    • Yes agree….Love Madeleine West (she had such a small role in her last 10 role The Wrong Girl), so glad to see her in a lead role (hopefully)….looking forward to this drama too with a different focus on sport. I am intrigued.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    this looks good, but i know whats going to happen anyway, sex, cheating/affairs, drugs, jealousy, destabilization, ego, celebrity etc. i may watch this but because i have seen Footballer’s Wives i think i may skip this, will probably drop in and out. Although the promo looks good. picked a good song Goldfrapp’s Ooh la la. for TEN to be great again this needs to work.

  3. It looks amazing!! I get Footballers Vibes from this (it even references that phrase in the trailer ?)… but that show was just completely bonkers, hopefully this show will keep things on track.

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