1. I didn’t watch The Masked Singer, so what was Brett Lee dressed as?

    Anyway, not only is Brett Lee a cricketer (as mentioned by David in the article), but he is also a singer, both with “6 and Out” and a solo career. In one episode of Spicks and Specks, they played a bit of Brett Lee’s single (I forgot the song), and that single got to number 2 on the Indian charts.

  2. As I mentioned in another post – I really enjoyed the US masked singer, and would be interested to see how well the Oz one performs – The Singers being the Crucial Point (not a bunch of 10 celebs) – So far, so good. The show is well paced, although songs seem a bit truncated. The main thing – as David mentioned, is that the voices are lost in the background singing and music. So difficult to hear and it hides a weak singer. The US production was fine, voices out front. I’ve also just noticed S2 of TMS US premiered last night, so now I have more to watch 🙂

  3. I thought The Masked Singer would be a bit too corny but gave it a go. Was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Fast paced, entertaining and most of the singing is high level. I ended up rewatching the 1st episode the next day on encore.

    It makes sense now that I think about it – anything that has a genuine mystery to it is bound to keep the public hooked. Plus it doesn’t repeat stuff as it goes to commercial and then back again so a low irritation factor. Wasn’t sure who Brett Lee was but certainly knew Gretel. She’s such a great all rounder!

    I notice that The Project’s ranking seems to have inched upwards. Not sure if that would be related to the Masked Singer on after.

  4. Have persevered with Sea Change out of pure nostalgia.
    Has improved along the way and enjoyed it in parts but just not the same as the original.
    Too many new characters and hasn’t been able to quite capture the easy whimsy/quirkiness of the original. All a little too forced.
    The new characters of Dan Wyllie and Katrina Milosevic have been good though and really enjoyed seeing some of the old faves, Bob and Heather Jelly and Kev and Prani.

    • +1 for this comment. It has been nice, but nothing special. But it is lovely to have Aus drama to watch, and I will continue to watch (if there is another season) for that reason.

      • Yes, hopefully another season to come. I think it should continue to improve as the characters ‘settle’ into their roles.
        But it hasn’t been he ratings success they would have been hoping for so maybe not…

  5. Absolutely loved BH90210 last night, watched with a big smile on my face. As a huge fan of the original series when it was first released when I was 16, I loved the nostalgia, and can’t wait for the next episode.

  6. Great second night numbers for TMS, 10 have a hit on their hands! Decent numbers for 90210 as well, impressive!

    Seachange surely won’t be renewed with finale figures like that? Sometimes things are best left in the past, nostalgia isn’t always worthwhile exploiting.

        • I noticed that My Life Is Murder also lifted in numbers. I am one of the many people who do not watch dramas live. I am yet to watch the last two eps of Seachange. Fingers crossed it is renewed. We need to support local content outside the world of reality TV.

          • I have just started My Life is Murder and really enjoyed the first episode. I think I read on the blog that someone thought it was slow, but perhaps I am more forgiving when a drama is commencing.

  7. Any program that can premiere to above One million viewers and hold one million viewers is amazing. 10 Have likely already renewed Masked Singer for season 2. Mind blowing ratings for ch10.

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