10 programming grid for 2020

Yesterday at 10’s Upfronts 10 gave advertisers an overview of its programming schedule for 12 months.

The year kicks off with I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here before launching into shows like Survivor: All Stars, Hughesy We Have a Problem and Ambulance Australia. There are 2 x Survivor and 2 x Gogglebox seasons before the year wraps with a new Amazing Race Australia and Bachelorette.

Based on this grid The Living Room, The Project and Celebrity Name Game will run all year.

The Peach and BOLD schedules both come with timeslots.

It’s worth remembering that in each case this is an overview only and does not include every show.


  1. I still find it strange that Australian’s can’t seem to manage to watch more then one show at a time?

    Why do networks persist with multiple episodes per week as opposed to multiple shows airing across the week?

    • Simple answer is because it is more cost effective for the networks to do it, it keeps the viewers engaged and in a changing media landscape, you have to do things differently to survive when the ad spend is down for the networks. You also don’t run the risk of saturation.

  2. Wow, 10 Peach’s schedule looks underwhelming. Only thing new to watch is Neighbours. I’m expecting other new content to be added, but buried in a world of 5-30 year old sitcoms, they won’t have much room to fire.

  3. It’s good to see that TAR Australia has already been renewed for Season 5, despite not an episode of Season 4 airing yet! Season 4 must be a very good season then!

    A little bit disappointed, because I expecting we could possibly get two seasons next year, but hey, at least one season is better than none!

      • Putting The Amazing Race Australia on a Saturday night would be a terrible idea. There’s a reason why repeated movies are programmed on a Friday / Saturday night, potential viewers are out and about doing other things.

      • So this is just the basic schedule and things like Supernatural, Charmed etc will just replace the 10pm sitcoms when they are available. I know Eleven is gone now but I just really hate the new name but since it looks like it’s here to stay I will have to start using it.

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