‘This is the one!’: When Robert Irwin auditioned for I’m A Celebrity

The chemistry tests were undeniable. Julia Morris was texting producers after meeting her next co-host.

Reaction to Robert Irwin co-hosting I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here has been instant ever since 10 confirmed his pairing with Julia Morris this week.

Executive Producer Alex Mavroidakis tells TV Tonight any hesitations, given an age difference between the pair, were quickly dismissed.

“We are so incredibly excited about Robert. We did multiple chemistry tests and we could obviously have chosen four or five people that would have been great choices and would have done a great job. But Robert just came in and we’re all like, ‘How is this gonna work with such a massive age difference?” he says.

“But it was absolutely magic from the time he stepped on the set.

“The texts I had from Julia during the chemistry tests were hilarious. I’ve got voice notes on my WhatsApp from her basically saying ‘This is the one!'”

“I can’t wait to get to South Africa and work together.”

Julia Morris also has plenty of comedic options to move on from the flirtatious rapport she had with Dr. Chris Brown.

“We considered Dr. Roberts just as a joke!” he laughs. “Obviously, it’s very early days and not a single word in any script has been written yet. But I mean, the opportunities are kind of endless, you know. Is she the babysitter? Is he the stroppy teenager? Is he the mature one and she’s the immature one?”

Producers have also made an agreement with the Wildlife Warrior to stop using native African animals.

“The eating trials obviously are one of the highlights of I’m A Celebrity and they won’t be diluted in any way,” he explains. “But the undertaking we’ve made to Robert is that we won’t use any native wildlife anymore. So the Zebra penis will be replaced by Pig’s penis, Kudu arse will be replaced by Cow arse. It’s still disgusting. It’s still funny. It won’t change in any way shape, or form.”

Meanwhile Mavroidakis has his other big ITV Studios show Love Island premiering next week on Nine / 9Now.

“I really do believe this I’ve got the best of the shows Australian television. I love them both dearly, because I’m a massive advocate of funny wins. I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and Love Island are two very funny shows.”

Love Island begins 6pm Monday on 9Now, 8:50pm on Nine.

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  1. Not too impressed with this move so many better choices. And very disappointed in the decision to change from a zebra penis to a cow penis, really? An animal is an animal regardless. But hey, the Irwin’s are the flavour of the month and I guess anything to get the ratings. I will watch the 1st ep but I’m not anticipating I will continue. Damn shame as I loved this show

  2. Robert is an interesting choice and hopefully works and might give the show another life. Kind of hoping this will encourage Julia to be phased out and a younger female host to be unearthed to join RI. This town needs another Ant & Dec, Hamish and Andy etc. Mel Bracewell?

  3. Anyone who saw Robert Irwin on Kurt Fearnley’s One Plus One interview program on ABC last year could see that he had a great presence for TV, so a great pick by Network 10. His work is pretty full on at Australia Zoo so whether he does much other TV will be interesting.

  4. I said it only a few months ago that Robert Irwin has a superb on-air technique while doing the weather segment on weekday Sunrise. He is going to invigorate new life into the I’m A Celebrity brand and regardless how it plays out, he has a wonderful television future to look forward to.

  5. I’d like to watch this to see the chemistry between the two but I simply can’t do gross stuff and creepy crawlies so I’ve got to continue to give Celebrity a wide berth. Hope it leads to other opportunities for Robert though.

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