Airdate: Road to Riches

Lucas Callaghan of Aussie Pickers fame finds antiques & collectables in Aussie homes.

Lucas Callaghan of Aussie Pickers fame is back in a new series Road to Riches, identifying household valuable antiques and collectables.

Heading out on his vintage motorcycle, Lucas is invited into homes to cast his eye over pieces and determine the best way to sell them.

“It’s all about making the most money for the owners,” he says.

Road to Riches follows Lucas as he visits everyday peoples’ households to help them convert their unwanted collectables into cold hard cash. He’s the antithesis of the antiques industry vultures who take pride in finding cheap treasure and selling it at a vast profit for themselves. Lucas shows everyone how to achieve top dollar for their wares.

From mid-century furniture to clothing, toys and collectables, every house has about $5000 worth of unwanted goods that can be moved on – and Lucas is just the man to do it!

He’s on a mission to find hidden treasure in every Australian house, and turn it into money. Lucas specialises in “unique collectable objects from the postwar period” finding rare collectables and restoring some items to their former glory to sell for profit.

Some of the highlights of Lucas’ hunting is a giant Star Wars collection that has to be seen to be believed, rare designer chairs, exclusive pottery, a 2 metre high brown bear, historic football jerseys, and caps worth tens of thousands, authentic Arthur Streeton watercolours, football card collections, classic cars, fine wine and convict coins. Lucas takes them to auction to qualify their real value once and for all for the owners.

Lucas’ unique skill is sorting through the often hundreds of items that families have gathered over generations, and determining which are the best pieces to sell. It’s not always easy – discarding the sentimental, damaged and out-of-fashion pieces can be heartbreaking for people who thought they were sitting on a fortune. But the flip side is when Lucas finds a piece they thought was cheap or of minimal value – and it’s worth a fortune.

Tuesday November 12 at 7:30pm on A&E.

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