Cody Simpson wins The Masked Singer

Singer Cody Simpson has won The Masked Singer disguised as The Robot.

“This is a top shelfer in the cabinet for sure,” he said referring to the trophy. “I won the Masked Singer!”

He defeated actor-singer Rob Mills who was runner up as The Wolf.

“I’ve been doing Neighbours for the past couple of years and I am always in a studio with a crew and no audience. It’s just the crew. I needed a stage and I wanted to have some fun!” he said.

The Project‘s Gorgi Coghlan, unmasked as The Monster, came third.

Coghlan said, “Mum has always said to me, why are you wasting that beautiful voice? Mum had a really tough battle with brain cancer 18 months ago.

“Mum this is your wish, here I am!”

Jackie O. correctly guessed both Gorgi Coghlan & Rob Mills while Lindsay Lohan guessed Cody Simpson (despite an earlier episode where she said he dated her sister and “that’s not his voice.”).

All three had been widely tipped in media leading to something of an anti-climactic finish for the show.

But the 10 series has been one of 2019’s few new hits with metro ratings regularly above 900,000 viewers. The show’s guessing game playability has also made it a big hit on social media.

10 recently renewed the series for 2020.


  1. Love it, can’t wait for next year! The show, no matter who the celebrities may be, will always work if they don’t change it up too much – just stick to your formula & maybe make the clues a bit more harder to crack (at least at the beginning).

    Also, I don’t get why so many people keep saying shows like this are either rigged, they don’t like them or they get angry when identities are revealed to them prematurely – if you don’t want something, don’t watch it. It’s why we are never getting new things: if we want new, original shows we’ve got to give new shows a bit of a chance.

    Also, singers were voted on by the popularity of their performance each individual episode so it’s not really rigged – good singers stayed in, those who didn’t do so well were out.

  2. Since seeing Gorgi sing on the last edition of The Circle a few years ago, I have wanted to see her sing again. Anything. Such a wonderful voice. It was great to see her perform in the final. I will have to go back and watch the other Monster performances now. 10 – get her to sing on Studio 10 or the Project etc.

  3. I picked Millsy from day one, I found the Wolfs performances mesmerising, and I didn’t feel that about any of the others. He was my favorite on Aus Idol too. At least he got further here, but I would have thought he should have won. I’m dubious on the others guessing. Jackie O rightly picked him, but Danni saying Stefan Dennis was just to give a point of difference I think. Are we able to get a list of which panelists picked which stars right?

  4. It was a good fun show. However having Lindsay Lohan there was a slap in the face to the audience. She seemed nice enough and looked like she was enjoying herself but c’mon she doesn’t know our local celebrities. She knew it. We knew it. It was a fluke that she guessed the winner. If it was indeed a guess or a set up to justify here presence.

    • Not a fluke she guessed Cody as she knows him and worked out clues. But she did mention in an earlier episode (“that’s not his voice” I think after Jackie O suggested him.). In an earlier interview Dannii mentioned producers told Lindsay she knew 4 of the singers. I can’t work it out. She knew Nikki Webster? Gretel? Wendell? Adam Brand? Gorgi? Nahhhhhhh….

  5. At least they had a good cross-section of performers; it wasn’t just the latest “hot young things.”
    Some suggestions for next season:

    1) Get rid of Lohan! She serves absolutely no purpose and her constant ridiculous guesses drove me nuts. Surely they can get an aussie celeb for about a 10th of what they paid her, and at least they would have a clue about aussie performers.

    2) stop constantly cutting to shots of the bloody audience! I’m here to see the performances not look at a bunch of bozos mouthing the words.

    3) More non pro singers would be nice. Otherwise it’s basically just the voice with masks.

    Also, does Osher have compromising photos of the channel ten execs or something? He’s on every second bloody show on ten! It would not surprisee if he showed up reading the news next year.

  6. I knew it was Cody from the first clue “born in the digital age” So I wasn’t surprised when he took the mask off… Also knew it was Gorgi, she sang on the final ep of the circle, She has an amazing voice, I wonder what 10 will offer her now, a new show hopefully. Wolf also it was obvious to be Millsy, Although every time I saw wolf he reminded me of Sam Newman, the stance on stage.

    It’s a shame the show was rigged with the bigger names and 10 personalities sticking around the longest (to win and be runner ups) the editing of a cheering crowd being heard over a silent audience busy casting votes that mean nothing.

    A great new show that I won’t watch again simply because after you know who they are it becomes a little pointless to watch and with the fact it’s rigged you can start to pick who will win.

    Who ever sings first gets the boot (the last two eps the person who…

  7. carolemorrissey

    Well I was way off with my 2 guesses. I thought the lion was Casey Donovan. She said she went on a show when she was young which changed her life & referenced idol which I took to be Australian Idol & being brave & a queen which I thought referenced her being on & winning I’m a celebrity. I still don’t know what show Kate Cerberano would have been referring to. The wolf from day 1 I thought was Warwick Capper. In the first clue package they showed him kicking a football & referenced being an apprentice which I thought referenced him being on celebrity apprentice. I was trying to rack my brain if he had ever been on Neighbours. Thought I could vaguely remember him playing himself in the early days when Kylie was on it.

    • I thought Wolfie was Warwick Capper too, in the beginning. Would have been hilarious if it was ! Then I suspected Jon Stevens or Shannon Knoll, despite the overwhelming public consensus Wolf was Millsie.
      Anyway, the show has been a lot of light hearted fun – have really enjoyed it. Hopefully some more left of centre choices under the masks next time…

  8. Disappointed, I thought Rob Mills as Wolf should have won, never mind just my personal preference. I have to say Gorgi Coghlan has a beautiful voice and like her Mum I think she should share it more often……I still don’t know who Cody Simpson is, it seems I am a little too old to know but should probably check him out given I share his surname !!! Yes the reveals were a little anti-climactic.

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