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"I'm happy here, doing quality stuff, telling Australian stories," says Playing for Keeps star.

Jeremy Lindsay Taylor has appeared in a number of acclaimed Australian TV including Underbelly, Puberty Blues, Offspring, Sea Patrol, Blue Heelers, McLeod’s Daughters and his first series, Heartbreak High.

While other actors are hungry or US success, he is happy to be working at home on 10’s Playing for Keeps.

“I’ve been blessed, for sure,” he tells TV Tonight.

“I just want to keep doing good work. I want to direct. I just directed a music clip which we’re in the process of finishing at the moment.

“I won’t hang my hat on cracking America”

“I want to keep acting in quality productions. You know, America’s not you know, I won’t hang my hat on cracking America. It is what it is.

“I’ve got two kids and one on the way so I don’t want to take them there and I never want to be away from them. So, you know, if it comes, it comes. But I’m not going to break my back trying to make it there.

“I’m happy here, doing quality stuff, telling Australian stories and interesting stories.”

Taylor plays fallen Southern Jets coach Brian Rickards who begins Season 2 full of guilt and self-loathing over the death of a former teammate.

“He’s no longer a coach. The team went to shit and so now it’s a new season,” he explains.

“And I still have to do with my captain who slept with my wife.

“There’s a lot to play with there”

“So there’s a lot to play with there. Then he kind of goes away to find himself, with some training camps in rural Australia, Indigenous kids and stuff like that.

“At the start of the season he’s also being offered Head of Football, which is a loose term but overseeing everything, really.

“He’s being offered that, but he doesn’t really want to take it. Kath wants him to take it but deep down he’s just he’s just not ready. He needs to get away from the club.

“While he’s away, Kath becomes president.”

Kath is played by the force that is Madeleine West, one half of an on-screen affair with footballer Connor (Jackson Gallagher).

“It’s one of the most interesting relationships I’ve tried to portray on screen and working with Madeleine is amazing,” he continues.

“I love our days on set because we’re in Kath & Bryan’s house, most days. It’s a f***ing rollercoaster of a day, emotion-wise. You never quite know where they’re at, which is exciting to play.”

Sydney-born Taylor was also far more versed in NRL when he began the series, than the show’s AFL code.

“I had a crash course, obviously,” he admits. “I got access to the Casey Demons and which is the feeder team for Melbourne Demons.

“Jade Rawlings, who’s now in a coaching team, was a mate of a mate. They kind of welcomed me with open arms. I was at a few training sessions and then in the box, during games.

“Once you go to a game and watch it from up in the stands, it’s incredible.”

“And so they helped me in no end, (hearing) from the horse’s mouth what it is to be a coach. Very quickly, I found what I was impressed by is the honour and the respect that’s still in the game.

“And I was just blown away by the athleticism and the skill. Once you go to a game and watch it from up in the stands, it’s incredible.”

While Playing for Keeps continues on 10, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor looks to his growing family and whatever local project next attracts his interest.

“It’s an interesting time in the industry, as you’re well aware. You know, there’s so many different formats these days.

“We’ve got to start going outside the box a bit more.”

“Anything’s possible. And we will, in the commercial networks, start ramping it up in terms of competing on an international basis. We’ve got to start going outside the box a bit more.

Playing for Keeps is trying to do that. It really ticks a lot of the boxes. It’s got something for everyone.”

Playing for Keeps airs 8:40pm Wednesdays on 10.

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  1. Thanks for the interview David. I agree that this character is acted well, as some times he is arrogant, but other times vulnerable. I am enjoying Playing For Keeps and like it point of difference.
    Such a diverse slate he has.

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