Masked Singer beats Block, Real Dirty Dancing.

The Masked Singer has again landed on top of the Reality TV heap.

10 strategically split-coded the show into two parts, but still came out on top. The bulk of the show drew 835,000 and it rose to 1.07m for the reveal of Nikki Webster as the Alien (despite her denying all participation last week). It also topped the demos.

The Block was in second place at 806,000 then 7:30 (596,000), The Real Dirty Dancing (580,000) and Australian Story (537,000).

10’s luck continued with Have You Been Paying Attention? strong at 819,000, winning against Four Corners (489,000), Media Watch (439,000 from 9:20pm), This Time Next Year (437,000) and Secret Bridesmaids’ Business (317,000 from 9pm).

It was another close battle between Today and News Breakfast.

Nine network won Monday, just, with 26.2% then Seven 26.0%, 10 23.1%, ABC 17.1% and SBS 7.5%.

Nine News (870,000 / 836,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (794,000). Hot Seat drew 427,000 / 268,000. Later a 20 to ONE repeat was 119,000.

Seven News won its slot with 1.02m / 1.02m then Home and Away (656,000) and The Chase (600,000 / 386,000). SWAT was 139,000.

The Project was 492,000 / 327,000 then 10 News First (371,000), Just for Laughs (383,000) and Celebrity Name Game (234,000).

ABC News (652,000), Q&A (261,000) The Drum (186,000) comprised ABC’s remaining night.

On SBS it was How the Victorians Built Britain (231,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (158,000) SBS World News (156,000) and Let’s Talk About Sex (115,000).

Bluey again topped multichannels at 153,000.

Sunrise: 270,000
Today: 188,000
News Breakfast: 130,000 / 45,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 30 September 2019


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I was on SBS… How the Victorians Built Britain….catch it On Demand…if you can…
    How people dealt with all that smoke and soot of steam trains, underground, for 40 years…is beyond me.

  2. Missed Sam Pang on HYBPA last night, though it was good to see Dave O’Neil on the TV again. Has Ten or any other networks thought of broadcasting the New Zealand version of HYBPA? It would be nice to see. Even if it is at an odd hour, I would still be interested in watching the NZ HYBPA.

    • TBH, I’ve seen a few eps of HYBPA NZ – and apart from the hosts being OK, it is lacklustre compared to ours – the Aussie version is more quickfire, “move along”, NZ’s feels like they’re milking a joke and the audience are a bit “huh”?

      In saying that, it could be just that they’re getting used to the concept and it’ll warm up.

  3. Gee the Fetch Tv story on Newscorp were way off then, glad to see Masked Dinger on top with something different and feel good as well, very enjoyable to watch and guess along.

  4. Well, at least Dirty Dancing’s failure to fire spares us next year being full of shows featuring B-listers recreating scenes from various iconic movies.

      • I agree David – it was fun & light and perfect for the timeslot. Unfortunately with 7Plus being such a lousy way to view (it just crashes constantly) I’ll need to catch up with the end of it and will record the next episode so I don’t have to deal with 7Plus being so horribly unreliable. I have to admit that have never seen the movie *gasp*, but that didn’t impact on my enjoyment.

  5. Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

    Hopefully the success of The Masked Singer will lead in to 10 having more success next year with Dancing with The Stars, it deserves it as another fun light entertainment show.

  6. It was really nice to catch the Kates McCartney & McLennan on Celebrity Name Game last night. I’m still incensed that the ABC hasn’t seen fit to release Get Krack!n season 2 on DVD.

  7. I imagine as the season progressed there will be a spike for the “reveal” segment on the Masked Singer. I was one of the ones who tuned in from about 8:15 for that reason.

  8. But I thought Fetch TV and News Corp said otherwise. Lol. I’m really happy TMS won the reality battle. It’s a fun, fast paced show. Hughsie annoys me with his stupid guesses (Julia Gillard. Pauline Hanson) but overall I like him and the others on the guessing panel. A lot more than happy to I imagined I would’ve.

  9. So happy The Masked Singer was still on top. Its fun to play along with friends and family continually guessing yes it is or nahhhh its not and then oh maybe it is whoever. No whinging or carry on just laughs and enjoyment with the ‘I told you it was them’ pleasure !!

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