Masked Singer, HYBPA? combo strong for 10.

Ratings: 10's primary channel lands ahead of Seven. Nine wins Monday.

10’s double act of Masked Singer and Have You Been Paying Attention? were a powerhouse combo, on a night where 10’s primary channel edged ahead of Seven.

The Block led its slot at 970,000 viewers just ahead of The Masked Singer at 946,000. But the reveal of Kate Ceberano as Lion rose to 1.16m for 10 and topped the demos. None of the panel correctly guessed her, including neighbour Dave Hughes.

Australian Story (662,000), 7:30 (609,000) and Bride & Prejudice (434,000) all followed.

Update: HYBPA? led its slot thereafter on a big 946,000 -an all time high- way ahead of Four Corners on 494,000.

Nine network won Monday with 27.4% then Seven 24.2%, 10 24.0%, ABC 17.1% and SBS 7.3%.

Nine News drew 884,000 / 812,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (801,000) and Hot Seat (465,000 / 285,000), Love Island (342,000) and 20 to ONE (176,000).

Seven News won its slot with 1.01m / 976,000 for Seven then Home and Away (627,000) and The Chase (579,000 / 365,000). The Rookie was 299,000 and SWAT was 212,000.

The Project drew 525,000 /288,000 for 10 then Just for Laughs (418,000), 10 News First (335,000) and Celebrity Name Game (199,000).

ABC News (674,000), Media Watch (429,000), Q&A (306,000) and The Drum (151,000) also made up ABC’s night.

On SBS it was How the Victorians Built Britain (219,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (196,000), SBS World News (141,000) and 24 Hours in Police Custody (124,000).

Peppa Pig led multichannels at 148,000.

Sunrise: 269,000
Today: 187,000
News Breakfast: 103,000 / 42,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 14 October 2019


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  1. Hughesy is the reason I’m not watching this as my Aunt used to say “He is as weak as a fizzy drink”
    I just don’t get Lohan being in this and her guesses, Cher for one
    I read that she knows 4 of them but ant figure out how

  2. Mum and I are fans of Kate Ceberano. She sent me a clip because I haven’t been watching and said this is Kate and I agreed. Plus she sung David Bowie’s “Heroes” which she has previously released a cover of on her Nine Lime Avenue album.

  3. I’ve said it before but I have to say to again

    The voices are drowned out by the backing tracks

    The Sound Engineer needs some lessons

    Probably got him from Elementary (TV Show) where the sound is also horrible

  4. I’m loving the masked singer but I noticed something when it first started and others have also started picking up on it. The voting is a joke, the less famous celebrities have been booted while the for famous are still there. Surprised that Kate was chosen to leave last night. She is Australian Music Royalty. Monster is the obvious favourite, If Monster (Gorgi) doesn’t win then it’s a sure sign it’s rigged.

      1. Everyone loves Monster, she has chosen sadder songs which have tugged at the heart strings, Wolf is another favourite, of course, I’d expect them to be the last two. Unless of course the voting is rigged ant the most famous celebrity wins.

    1. Because he gets to berate contestants face to face, unlike us viewers who have to resort to screaming at the television, and yes I’m referring to Jessie, who is surely the most arrogant and stubborn contestant in the history of The Block.

  5. Nine can’t be happy with almost 700000 people tuning out between The Block and Love Island. I wonder wehther they’ll relegate LI to Go or Gem. Also, while waiting for LI to start, I saw the end of The Block and Scott Cam was yelling at some bloke. Surely he is the worst personality on television (along with David Koch)?

    1. Seven should take notice if they are thinking about reviving Big Brother next year. I imagine LI will be bumped to 9Go by the end of next week. Hopefully it is doing good numbers on 9Now.

  6. Well done 10 on bravely taking a shot with The Masked Singer! I’d only hope that for Season 2 they make it harder to guess. Rob Mills and Gorgi Coghlan hardly disguised their voices and the clues were way too easy! With this level of success, they should be able to up the celebrity status for next year.

  7. Well done David, I remember your post of about 3 weeks ago picking Kate and her being Dave Hughes neighbor. I find it incredible that Danni and especially Jacki didn’t pick her distinctive voice. Oh the skeptic in me is bursting at the seams !! Loving the acts though !

    1. The presence of Dave Hughes is proof that one only needs to know the right people to get the good gigs. He is completely out of place. I feel that Jackie O is also ill-suited as she has never been particularly adept to presenting on-screen, yet 10 keep giving her and Sandilands work. Let them stick to their day jobs and give the presenting roles to some fresh faces (or rather those with a respectable track record). Danni’s histrionics, on the other hand, makes it all look effortless.

      Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan looks frequently baffled (though she tries her best to hide it, bless her). I like her, but she’s only there for her star power. Watching her reminds me of all of the times where I have been shoehorned into awkward social situations where I clearly don’t belong. 😛 Nevertheless, it’s nice to see her enjoying herself, even though she may not know of any of the “celebrities”.

        1. Hughesy is the least funniest on the panel, still unsure why Lindsay is there, She just throws any name she can think of in the ring, or just gives a name from the previous week. I have a feeling Jackie is giving her help.

          1. She’s there because people like you, me and everyone else talk about her.
            I watch that show because of her.
            PR at its best!!!!!

          1. I feel Lindsay Lohan has done extremely well, especially given she would have no idea of any celebrity singers here in Australia. Good on her for agreeing to launch TMS, but I suspect she won’t return. It would be like any of us (if we were celebrities) going to France or Germany and guessing artists we’ve never even heard of!

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