1. Absolutely loved Mojo last night – so many ad memories – ABC oughta be congratulated for that show – c’mon ABC c’mon – more like that please! Anyhow, just my thoughts.

  2. I’m still enjoying The Masked Singer, but found last night’s episode a little annoying. If they do a second season, they need to drop the idea of an international person on the panel (Lindsay), and get rid of Dave Hughes, he has not been entertaining since The Glass House. His comments and guesses are just not funny, “Was the Pope on Friends?”, how ridiculous. I know the other members of the panel have stupid guesses, I am sure encouraged by producers to get the audience thinking that there might be a high profile celebrity from outside of Australia, but we all know from experience with other Celebrity shows, it’s not going to happen. I also think the Dragon is Grant Denyer, based on living in the country, and being into motor sports – and his height.

      • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

        Tom Selleck played Dr. Richard Burke on Friends so he could be Pope, Charlie Sheen as well he could be the Devil, they had so many it’s not funny like Kathleen Turner, Julia Roberts, Helen Hunt, George Clooney, even Jason Alexander was on there.

    • The Dragon is country singer Adam Brand…no mistaking his voice plus he has always been in to motor sports even wrote a song about it, was born and raised in Perth and played drums in his younger days.

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