Seven “weak, tired” as Nine nabs another week

Ratings: Seven CEO James Warburton gave a frank admission of the network's under-performance, while Nine is on track to claim 2019.

Last week at Seven’s Upfronts newly-installed CEO James Warburton gave advertisers a frank admission of the network’s under-performance this year.

“We have been weak, inward focused, tired and stagnant. Recently we have had a string of poor programs and failures by our own high standards. We have let others take a share of what we have been so good at in the past. We haven’t thrown a punch over the last quarter and, to be frank, it’s been disappointing,” he admitted.

Nine is on track to claim the year with another week under its belt last week.

The reveal of Cody Simpson on The Masked Singer was the week’s biggest audience, but The Block continues to underpin Nine’s success.

For those counting, Nine has 22 weeks won to Seven’s 14 in Total People.

Nine: 29.0
Seven: 27.1
10: 19.2
ABC: 16.3
SBS: 8.4

Primary channel:
Nine: 19.5
Seven: 16.9
10: 12.8
ABC: 11.8
SBS: 5.2

10 BOLD: 4.0
7mate: 3.8
9GO!: 3.7
7TWO: 3.5
9GEM: 3.4
ABC KIDS Comedy: 2.6
9Life / 10 Peach: 2.4
7flix: 2.2
ABC News: 1.3
SBS Food: 1.2
SBS World Movies: 0.8
7food: 0.7
ABC ME: 0.5
NITV: 0.1

Nine led 16-39 and 25-54 demos.

Nine won Sunday, Tuesday & Friday. Seven won Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday. 10 won Monday. ABC bettered 10 on Friday.

Nine led in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Seven triumphed again in Adelaide & Perth.

Best brands last week were:

Nine: The Block (Sun: 1.1m), Nine News (Sun: 789,000), A Current Affair (686,000) and 60 Minutes (535,000).

Seven: Seven News (876,000), Home & Away (546,000), Motorbike Cops (521,000) and The Good Doctor (495,000).

10: The Masked Singer (Final Reveal: 1.37m), Have You Been Paying Attention? (928,000), The Bachelorette (Wed: 628,000) and Rugby World Cup (467,000).

ABC: Gruen (640,000), ABC News (Sun: 598,000), Four Corners (533,000) and 7:30 (524,000).

SBS: Struggle Street (255,000), Building Britain’s Canals (239,000), Jumbo Jet: 50 Years in the Sky (235,000) and How the Victorians Built Britain (229,000).

Including this week there are 5 more weeks of survey.

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  1. To be honest I don’t see how the networks will ever be able to return to viewership growth or get out of their “endless reality season repeats” slump.

    The networks have rusted on elderly viewers only and will gradually shed viewers as they get bored of the same formulaic reality shows.. but the catch-22 is anything they replace their reality mix with will do worse than what it replaced.
    They are locked in to a slow slide into irrelevancy, the only question is how fast they slide.
    I feel very sorry for the people that get their news fix from ABC/7/9/10 (FTA’s biggest consistent audience), they would have to be the most grossly misinformed people on Earth.
    So you can see I won’t mourn the networks demise, none of which truly represent the people or needs of this country.

    1. I had to laugh at this comment: “I feel very sorry for the people that get their news fix from ABC/7/9/10 (FTA’s biggest consistent audience), they would have to be the most grossly misinformed people on Earth.” What a pompous, misinformed comment this would be.

  2. Surely the number of eps of Bride and Prejudice Seven currently have in their schedule wasn’t their original plan for Q4? I’m presuming something else fell over and it was placed there to cover for it.

    I guess his comments are one of the perks of being a new CEO, you can be critical of the current performance, as it wasn’t planned on your watch!

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