Stephen Colbert extends deal for The Late Show

Colbert to remain as host of The Late Show until August 2023.

Stephen Colbert has signed a three-year contract extension to remain as host of The Late Show until August 2023.

“Stephen Colbert is one of the most entertaining, influential and relevant voices in America today,” said David Nevins, chief creative officer of CBS Corp. and chairman and CEO of Showtime. “His monologue has become a vibrant part of the national discussion, and a spot on Stephen’s couch places guests from the worlds of entertainment, news and politics in front of late night’s largest and most desirable audience. We’re incredibly proud of the broadcast and thrilled to extend our relationship with Stephen for years to come.”

Colbert joked, “I’ve been asked by CBS to host The Late Show until 2023, and I have every intention of honouring their subpoena.”

The Late Show is averaging 3.31 million viewers against 1.89 million for The Tonight Show and 1.84 million for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It screens in Australia on 10.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I would like to see an edited version of Stephen’s opening monologue included in The Project. TEN may lose some early morning viewers but gain them in prime-time.
    By extending Stephen’s contract until 2023 CBS may be hedging their bets about Trump’s 2nd term or his unlikely impeachment.

  2. It’s a great show.
    Wonderful writing & send up cold openers.
    Warm host, “A list” guests etc etc.
    Why, why then doesn’t 10 run it here same day.
    If the feed comes into Sydney at 1330 AU time from NYC or 1630 ex LA, surely it could run at 2330 (same time slot as US) or even 2230 or 2300?
    Even though it’d be dated the day before (USA), at least it’d be transmitted here “sort of” same day.
    That would make it so much more relevant. And then follow it with James Cordon’s show (as they run in the US).
    And let’s face it – 10’s late night ratings aren’t currently anything much to speak of – who knows it might even do better that a Project encore?

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