The Amazing Race Australia: promo

A first glimpse of The Amazing Race Australia coming to 10 later this month.

A first glimpse of The Amazing Race Australia coming to 10 later this month.

There are 11 teams this season, with host Beau Ryan and a $250,000 prize on offer.

Anybody want to hazard a guess which countries they visit?

It’s time to pack your bags and get ready to roam the globe. The Amazing Race Australia is coming soon to 10 and it’s the furthest thing from a relaxing vacation.

We call it amazing, but it’s also crazy, ludicrous, outrageous and adventurous. From painfully slow taxi rides to furious camels, our not-so-trusty tour guide, Beau Ryan, will lead 11 teams as they ping pong across the world in pursuit of the $250,000 cash prize.

In a race where every second and every step counts, you’ll need more than brains and brawn on your side. Some teams are even going as far as to call in a favour with the big fella upstairs.

Relationships will be tested, decisions will be second guessed and a meltdown or two will be had. So strap yourselves in and get ready for the race that has it all.

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  1. I don’t hate Beau Ryan hosting – I hope he doesn’t go too much into his Bogan Rugby Guy stick, but I don’t mind him being excitable as a host.

    I much prefer excitable Beau to dull Grant Bowler (which was the weakest element of an otherwise awesome series in the Original TARAU)

  2. I’m excited and cautious all in one. I’ve seen every single episode of both the US and Canadian versions and from the promos, it looks like a lot of the same challenges done in those series(the bike, the water jet pack, the same location for the bungy swing). I question if for our first version (on TEN) is a carbon copy of those as all the itinerary and planning has been organised by big daddy (CBS).
    In saying that, it looks as though they have certainly ticked the diversity box which is fantastic. Great to see the age range of contestants is vast as well. Beau is great fun, let’s not give him too much flack yet, it’s a promo, it needs to be high energy and engaging!

    1. All of the version of TAR borrow challenges from each other – I believe that the Original TARAu used challenges from TARAsis (given that they were done by the same production company – ActiveTV)

  3. I’m still looking forward to this but yikes what an awful promo. Did nothing for me. Not convinced with Beau Ryan as host but I’ll give him a go.

    P.S. That has to be the worst cover of The B-52’s Roam.

  4. Not particualry a fan of Beau Ryan however willing to give him a chance as I love The Amazing Race and The Amazing Race host isn’t nearly as involved as the say the Survivor host as he just explains the challenges and greets the contestants at the mat. Here’s hoping.

  5. I hope that they edit out the host as much as possible. Or at least dial down his volume a bit.

    Other than the host, it looks pretty good. Maybe a little cheap, but that’s to be expected. If it rates well, hopefully the budget is increased for future seasons.

  6. Never watched this before but i might give it a try because Ten have a knack for doing reality right Big Brother Masterchef Survivor etc although I do agree from that promo Beau Ryan did seem to be going a bit over the top

  7. It’s been a long wait and now, after this first peek, I really want this to be good. The ad looks fun already, hopefully 10 will start feeding in some more information over the next couple of weeks. CBS owns the original version of this, so I think editors will have good access to some materials to keep the program some short and fun hour-long viewing.

  8. I hope this is true to the format of 1 episode per week (preferably 1 hour) not padded out like Survivor Aust. Beau Ryan sounds a bit over the top as host. Amazing Race is probably one of my all time favourite shows & I just want this to be great. Please can Ten also get the rights to the US version & show it at a decent time.

    1. Fingers crossed. But, I suspect they’ll drag out a normal (US) episode’s content over multiple episodes. And probably include a lot more “to camera” pieces where they encourage a lot of conflict between the members in each team and between the teams themselves.

      We might also see a lot more of the “travel planning” which is something the US series generally glosses over these days, presumably because they’re interested in ensuring that the teams share most of the same flights to keep the tension high.

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