New rules on Amazing Race Australia

10 reality series introduces First Class Pass,Salvage, Sabotage & T-Junction this season.

When The Amazing Race Australia returns on Monday, the route will have new rules.

These come on top of the regular Roadblock, Detour, U-Turn, Fast Forward & Intersection.

The winning team of a non-elimination leg, gain two massive advantages:
1. They do not have to compete in the next leg. Instead, they receive a First Class Pass and are rewarded with some kind of luxury experience while the other teams continue to race.

2. They will return to the Pit Stop for the arrivals of the final two teams and
choose to Salvage one and Sabotage the other.

Salvage: A bonus or advantage of some kind given to one team. For example, the team may receive a personal driver for the next leg, they may get extra money, or they may be allowed to know what the Roadblock challenge is, before they choose who attempts it.

Sabotage: A disadvantage or setback given to one team. For example, the team may need to complete the leg with one of the team members blindfolded or tied together, they may lose all their money, or they may even have to do it barefoot.

T-Junction: A huge challenge day, only once in the Race, where all racers are split into two massive super-teams. The super-teams will be chosen by the first racers to reach the T-Junction board at the head of the episode. They will pick their super-team and the remaining teams form the second group. The teams will move through the entire race day in these two groups. Whichever group checks in second at the Pit Stop, will choose to eliminate a team from their group themselves.

7:30pm Monday on 10.

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  1. Sounds awesome.
    So if your in an alliance you could sabotage one team that is not part of the alliance and give the bonus to one in the alliance. Wonder if they can choose themselves for the bonus. Hopefully we get to see the luxury experiences too shows mode of Australia.

  2. Some of these rule changes sound like bullying almost. I mean the team has to choose who goes? How wrong is that? They should do another challenge or something if the team comes last, its challenge day after all, not pick and choose who is eliminated. Thats my opinion on it. I was excited for this but now i’m not so sure…i hate the alliance stuff too. Yes its a game but yeah i don’t know.

      1. We also know from other interviews producers have given that they added extra episodes halfway through filming, which means the season is even longer than usual (and it was already going to be longer because of the larger cast). It’s not inconceivable that there’s 20-21 episodes and 6-7 non-eliminations.

        1. Oh so it’s morphed into an MKR? Why not have two sets of teams then? And the last leg visits the homes of remaining contestants?

          This is as preposterous as I’m a Celebrity’s final week which has become a game show featuring contestants staying in a contrived camp metres from the Truman Show style control room deep in the NSW scrub.

  3. With the winning team returning for the arrival of the last two teams wouldn’t that remove the suspense of telling the last team they haven’t been eliminated. The editors always ramp that up.

    1. I would assume they won’t be standing there at the mat…rather the last placed team would be told it’s a non-elim and then the 2nd last team and the Race leaders would come from off screen for the decision.

  4. David, I don’t think the Salvage has been used in the US edition. I don’t remember it being used, and according to Wikipedia has only been used in the 2012 Australian series and two Asian editions.

  5. I really don’t like the idea of being able to sabotage a team. In other series in the US teams have often ganged up on a particular team they don’t like for whatever reason. I don’t think it will be very fair.

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