The Block nabs easy Sunday win

Ratings: Nine reno show was more than twice the nearest competition, with Seven News the only disruptor to a winning streak.

The Block was #1 with 1.1m viewers and topped the demos, more than double any competition last night.

It thumped Grand Designs: The Street (435,000 from 7:40pm), Sunday Night (398,000), Border Security (361,000 from 8pm), The Graham Norton Show (345,000 from 7:30pm).

60 Minutes also won its slot at 533,000 ahead of Total Control (446,000), NCIS (305,000), A Confession (291,000).

Nine network easily won Sunday with 34.5% then Seven 24.1%, 10 15.6%, ABC 15.3%, and SBS 10.5%.

Nine News was 790,000 and BTK: A Killer Amongst Us was 283,000 for Nine.

Seven News won its slot at 840,000 for Seven as the only disruptor to a Nine winning streak. Episode 2 of the excellent A Confession was 210,000.

The Sunday Project (363,000 / 232,000), 10 News First (237,000) and an NCIS repeat at 198,000 also comprised 10’s night.

ABC News was 598,000 for ABC. Compass drew 160,000 and Patrick Melrose was 153,000)

On SBS it was Jumbo Jet: 50 Years in the Sky (233,000),  Great Continental Railway Journeys (194,000) and SBS World News (142,000).

Bluey led multichannels at 174,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 20 October 2019.

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  1. Did anyone else watch the BTK killer doco ? It appeared to end before the doco actually was meant to …leaving out when he was actually arrested …someone accidentally deleted the final segment maybe ?!!!

  2. If I want to watch a ‘Great British Mystery’ I would rather binge it than suffer all the ads in Seven. That is why ABC does so well on Friday nights. No ads.

  3. It amazes me that Ch7 keep promoting these great UK mystery dramas, yet continue to ‘burn them off’ with doubles, and commencing them late. I know we all have PVR’s but we can’t keep recording doubles and triples of everything!

      1. That used to work. Doesn’t seem to any more. Confession ran 4th in the slot with 2nd ep just breaking 200k. It probably doesn’t help that Seven keeps promoting “special events” that are mediocre TV at best, then ends up burning them off late at night.

  4. Agreed, The Confession was really great. Anything with Martin Freeman in a leading role is generally worth checking out.
    But decision to open with double (back to back) eps is questionable – meaning the second finished well after 10.30pm. Most people (generalisation I know, but sure broadly true) are normally making tracks for bed a little before then – particularly those with early starts, kids, and so on. I know there’s PVRs, catch-up app options etc, but even so…

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