The hazards of being a BBC natural history crew member

To mark the launch of BBC Earth the channel has created a short video that shows some of the daily troubles that they endure.

It took three years in the making, across 40 different countries, on 117 filming trips and a total of 2089 shooting days before Planet Earth II could be shared with audiences around the world. While Blue Planet II took over 125 expeditions across every ocean with 1,500 days at sea, 1,000 hours in submarines and 6,000 hours underwater in total. Add to this some unbelievable weather conditions, weird animal behaviour and nature’s unpredictability, and you could say our fearless crews are tested to the limit when filming Natural History productions. But if there is anyone who gets to travel to some of the world’s most inaccessible places to bring our audiences a new perspective on the incredible landscapes of planet Earth, the stunning beauty of the oceans and some of the most dramatic events in nature and many more, it is BBC Earth filmmakers.

BBC Earth launches on Foxtel and Fetch on Thursday, October 10, bringing audiences incredible stories about the world around us. BBC Earth will make its debut with four of Sir David Attenborough’s biggest titles – Blue Planet II, Planet Earth II, Frozen Planet and The Hunt. Each series will screen in its entirety across one of the first four days of the channel launch.

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