UK viewers get Doctor Doctor season before Nine

Doctor Doctor‘s 4th season will air in the UK from mid-November, before it screens in Australia.

The drama starring Rodger Corser was held back by Nine and will now air in 2020, after its British premiere on  UKTV’s Drama channel on November 16th.

That could make avoiding spoilers somewhat tricky, at least for those looking online.

A Nine spokesperson told TV Tonight that in order to get funding they have had to change the windowing.

Doctor Doctor has enjoyed huge international success, and our overseas partners have always played a key role in how the series is financed,” Nine said in a statement.

“With the fourth season of Doctor Doctor (known as The Heart Guy in overseas markets) , the series will be broadcast in the UK before Australia. Drama is an international business and Nine and Easy Tiger are thrilled with the series’ ongoing popularity in the UK in particular.

“Local audiences won’t have to wait long for their next hit of Hugh, Penny, Meryl and the folks from Whyhope.”

Meanwhile Great Australian Railway Journeys, with host Michael Portillo, is now airing in the UK  after being delayed by SBS to 2020. However this is a British-produced doco.


  1. Oh well. I only watched this show because it was an Aussie show. I won’t be watching it now. Typical of Channel 9. They always put the viewer last.

  2. What the hell Channel 9? If they’re going to allow this, they may as well just post it to 9Now so that their own fans have a legal way of watching it rather than waiting.

    • It does happen in very rare cases, particularly when a show gets axed while there are still completed episodes sitting in the vault. It happens more commonly with less “in demand” shows, particularly with children’s series.

      If I recall correctly, we *may* have been the first country, or at least one of the first, to have aired the series final of the short-lived Law & Order: Trial By Jury back in 2005. I distinctly recall TEN airing the 13th and final episode during its brief run while it was yet to air in the U.S. The finale didn’t air in the U.S. until January 2006.

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