Scott Tweedie leaves 10

After 8 years at 10, The Loop host is headed to a new role overseas.

The Loop host Scott Tweedie is exiting 10 and is bound for a new role overseas.

“I have spent the last eight amazing years, growing up on screen, as part of both The Loop and the 10 family,” he told 10 Daily.

“The Network has given me so many awesome opportunities, and now it’s time to take a big step into something new – and I can’t wait to share that big news with you very soon!”

Tweedie has been hosting The Loop since January 2012, alongside Ash London both Liv Phyland during his run, with additional 10 roles with I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Studio 10, Movie Juice and appearances with Dancing with the Stars, Melbourne Cup Carnival, Neighbours and more.

Prior to 10 he was a presenter of ABC3’s Prank Patrol and Splatalot.

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  1. Ten’s loss – bigtime.
    In our family home our kids grew up watching Scotty on Prank Patrol. At my daughters grade 12 graduation last year the entire School dressed as “Scotty and the Ninja’s” (was a little alarming). Some of you might not of heard of him, but the school kids for the last 10 year idolised Scotty (which meant us parents watched him too). Coming from the UK, I saw a hint of Ant and Dec in him, growing up with families, starting at a kids TV level…

  2. I’ve worked on some of our countries biggest productions and a heap of us industry folk have been scratching our heads as to why Ten haven’t used Tweedie more – or introduced him to a prime time audience?! Ten have obviously invested, groomed and developed him over the years, it seems like a shame they didn’t utilised him on prime time. He will thrive abroad – but also expect him to be back on one of our Aussie productions soon too.

  3. Unless you’re an incredible actor or singer, TV host’s as far as I know have bombed overseas, Osher, Rove, Matt Doran, just to name a few. Scott will be back on Aus TV by the end of 2020, in a role at either 7 or 9, if 10 doesn’t have anything for him.

      1. Judging by Jason’s instagram he is working for Foxtel… so I guess LA didn’t work out. like I said quite often unless you’re an actor it’s hard to get a break. Renee seems to be an exception.

        and Sophie Formica doesn’t seem to have much of a career outside of twitter, let alone Australia.

        1. Jason set up his own video content agency as he wanted to transition his career. His company makes ads and other content for some high profile brands like Ebay, Universal Music and the Nine.

  4. I was just thinking the other day about how he would feel about Grant Denyer, Dr. Chris and Osher being so overused at 10 while the more talented, likeable and fresh faced people like scott seem to be very overlooked and underutilised? I remember how genuinely greatful he was after being given the opportunity to host DWTS one episode, he’s clearly an ambitious guy.
    This is a loss for 10 and they only have themselves to blame.

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