7food to close broadcast on December 28

After a year on air 7food will cease broadcasting, but rumours 7mate is going HD.

As previously tipped by TV Tonight, 7food is set to cease broadcasting, with December 28 now expected as its final date.

But the brand is understood to still be continuing under Seven.

The change will mean Seven loses around 0.7% share per week, having launched a year ago. This will leave SBS Food as the sole Free to Air food channel, a point it kept making to advertisers at its recent Upfronts.

Meanwhile there are also whispers 7mate could go HD as a result of the changes.

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  1. Sad about this, it is one of my favourite channels. I would gladly sacrifice Bold and Peach to keep 7Food (if that were possible).

    If SBS want to boast about being the only food channel, then they need to buy back all the great shows that went to 7Food, and ditch many of the repetitive travel and eat shows.

  2. Gem has been HD in Sydney for a while.
    All channels should be in HD…. what year/decade are we in!!
    If you have a TV from around the last 10 years it should be able to show HD….. and if it can’t get a new TV…. if you can’t afford a new TV get a Set Top Box you can pick one up for no more than $50.
    This country is so backwards in everything we do.

      1. tvtonight.com.au/2011/05/pensioners-to-get-free-set-top-box.html
        They were not HD. Only $40 things from big retailers sold with statements such as “this is what you need”. Whilst, technically, they could receive digital TV they couldn’t receive channels such as ONE and ABC NEWS, when they were in HD.

  3. Obviously, the loss of 7Food’s earnings and ratings will need to be made up elsewhere. Improving 7Mate’s video quality will not be enough unless there’s an HD only contract up for grabs.
    Gem’s on again, off again HD might work for 7Mate.
    Movies, money, food and comedy channels have all failed to gain traction with viewers. What’s left may be unpalatable but profitable. Send your ideas to Seven.

    1. Which comedy channel failed to gain traction? Do you mean ABC Comedy? That seems to be doing pretty well. 7Flix could have been a great movie channel if Seven actually had a decent movie lineup and actually played movies instead of rerunning sitcoms or burning off dramas.

  4. 7mate should’ve been made HD years ago given the frequency of how often sport is shown on it. If SBS and Nine have no issues fitting a 2nd (or even 3rd) HD channel onto their spectrum, 7 has no excuse either.

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