Gavin & Stacey top UK Christmas ratings

It was no competition this year for the all-important Xmas Day ratings.

Gavin & Stacey’s Christmas Special has topped the UK ratings for Christmas Day.

Family viewing remains a very big deal at Christmas time in the UK and the 10 year reunion absolutely trumped the competition, with 11.6m viewers.

That was well ahead of The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast -across multiple broadcasters- at 7.85m viewers.

1. Gavin and Stacey (BBC One) – 11.6m
2. The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast (BBC One, ITV, Sky) – 7.85m
3. Strictly Come Dancing (BBC One) – 5.49m
4. EastEnders (BBC One) – 5.47m
5. Michael McIntyre (BBC One) – 5.25m
6. Call The Midwife (BBC One) – 5.23m
7. Mrs Brown’s Boys (BBC One) – 4.63m
8. Coronation Street (ITV) – 4.48m
9. Emmerdale (ITV) – 4.11m
10. Finding Dory (BBC One) 3.99m

Gavin & Stacey’s Christmas Special screened in Australia on ABC Comedy last night.

Source: BBC

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  1. Think it is bit of both allowing for a population of about two and half more then Australia. Still big numbers. Interesting how these shows do not rate here as is the case with a lot of overseas shows.

  2. Was a much welcome return – a group of familar characters just enjoying Christmas and putting a smile on viewers faces. That is something the soaps used to do on Christmas Day too but they’ve all gone far too dark in recent years, and hence why none of them could get even half the audience Gavin and Stacey did.

    It’s ratings were actually even better in Wales – 1m out of a population of 3m, with a 62% audience share. The UK share was a very impressive 49.2%.

  3. The Queen is on at 3pm when all the family gathers around the tv after Christmas lunch , around 12 million watch that broadcast .The 7.5 million shown here is set top boxes. Other Christmas shows get big audiences because of the quality & originality . Particularly like the entertainment on UK TV ., over the festive season .

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