And Miguel was about to fight a crocodile….

In the panic of the jungle Miguel Maestre last night threw a punch at a crocodile -or at least what he thought was a croc- in the middle of an African challenge.

It turned out to be a remote controlled prank by Dr. Chris Brown. Nasty.

But the fact the former Living Room presenter was prepared to protect Charlotte Crosby was either great heroism or great acting…..? He’s a certainty for Sunday’s finale. Get the family on the plane now…

Meanwhile Perez Hilton wasted no time in exiting after his elimination, running out with the declaration, “It was a pleasure meeting most of you!” Ouch.


  1. The crocodile thing was very funny. I felt a bit sorry for Perez. I am pretty sure his parting comments were mainly aimed at Ryan and Charlotte. He said in final interview that Ryan kept trying to pick fights with him. If it wasn’t for Perez actually doing the bungee jumping that they wouldn’t do, they wouldn’t have had food the night before. People have short memories. I am sooooo over Charlotte, we hardly see the others.

    • Have you ever heard of Pérez before? The guy bullies, shamed and makes up stories about people for website hits. Don’t feel sorry for him!!

      • Well he certainly ain’t Robinson Crusoe there ! He has been around since Adam was a boy. That is what he was brought into the show for. But does that make it right for Ryan who chickens out of most things anyway, to be a complete moron towards him and rude to Miguel? Anyway he is gone now so that’s that !

    • Yes Charlotte gets far too much camera time. I found her to be quite whiny and annoying at times, so don’t get appeal. I stopped watching the show last week, not enough spread of air-time amongst the contestants. It’s a shame as there are people on the show I would’ve liked to got to know better.

  2. carolemorrissey

    Oh my God he couldn’t get out of there fast enough. No hugging anyone goodbye. He was hot on the tail of Chris & Julia. And a pleasure to meet most of them. So who wasn’t it a pleasure to meet?

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