Giveaway: Keeping Faith

TV Tonight has 10 x DVDs of UK drama Keeping Faith S2 to giveaway in the first reader newsletter for 2020 (this Friday!).

Eve Myles returns as Faith Howells, a lawyer, wife and mother whose life was turned upside down by the unexplained disappearance of her husband, Evan (Bradley Freegard). Now, 18 months later, Faith is drawn into a new mystery as she takes on the case of Madlen Vaughan (Aimee-Ffion Edwards), a local farmer accused of murdering her husband in cold blood. Madlen’s murder trial, the prospect of Evan’s return, and her conflicted emotions towards former criminal Steve Baldini (Mark Lewis Jones) force her to take a stand. She puts her children, her business and her life on the line to search for the truth and finally emerges scarred yet stronger.

Keeping Faith is released today on DVD through Acorn Media.

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  1. Glass Portcullis

    Recently watched this … got hooked by S1 (denouement needed some work tho) but S2 was deeply unsatisfying and ultimately the story was underserviced. There were times I thought “this is a soap on a bigger budget.” A couple of really good kernels of story laid out in S1 were ignored entirely in S2. New ones have of course sprung up in their place, but they really need somewhere to go (is there a S3?) it just feels so messy after a strong start.

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