American Idol without a network in Oz

Foxtel will not be screening Season 18 of American Idol.

Some readers have been asking about a return date for American Idol, which began in the US this week with judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie.

Foxtel has now advised it will not be screening Season 18.

As yet no other broadcaster has indicated it has picked up the rights to the ABC series.

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  1. Really hoping someone picks it up. It was literally the only show my husband and I watched together on his Foxtel streaming subscription! I remember Ten playing season 4 out on Saturday afternoons. It doesn’t need to be primetime. I don’t care when it’s on. I just want to see it. Haven’t missed a season yet!

  2. Yet another cut from Foxtel, which follows in the likes of The Magicians for which they screened the first four seasons, as well as Eurosports andd Discovery Science. It seems you can’t get too comfortable watching anything on it, as they will get rid of it to save money, while still charging a premium.
    Interestingly in the UK Idol is shown on Netflix, so surely they could do the same in Australia.

  3. Please someone fastrack this. Maybe 9Go! Paired with Survivor or GEM. Or maybe 10 or Peach like they used to do with US So You Think You Can Dance. I know so many people who will watch this. Even 7 as they still have the rights to the Aussie version.

  4. One for 7.30pm/8.30pm Fridays/Saturdays on 10?

    Or if 10 can negotiate a *really* cheap deal (surely ABC would prefer the series to air in Australia, even on the cheap, than not at all) and play it on 10 Peach as an alternative to the usual decades-old sitcoms.

    Perhaps they can ditch some of the “encores” littered throughout the week and put this on instead?

    I can’t see Seven or Nine pouncing on this, and there’s little point airing it at all if one of the networks don’t make the jump to have it air without too big a delay (and ideally catch up in time for the finale).

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