News Breakfast beats Today, but Nine wins primetime.

Ratings: It's a rumble at breakfast time. Seven News, ACA, MAFS & Paramedics all win slots.

News Breakfast on ABC has beaten Nine’s Today in the battle at breakfast.

Today hit a new low for 2020 survey at 173,000, trailing News Breakfast at 177,000 (135,000 / 42,000 across two channels). Sunrise was dominant on 272,000 -99,000 ahead of its traditional rival.

But Nine had a win in primetime winning from 7pm, with a better slice of the MAFS audience staying put for an Observational afterwards.

Married at First Sight was again #1 with 1.01m and topped the demos.

Australian Survivor (630,000), 7:30 (520,000), My Kitchen Rules (461,000), Foreign Correspondent (400,000) and Great Australian Railway Journeys (373,000) all followed.

Paramedics won later at 627,000 then Griff’s Great Australian Trip (489,000 from 8:30pm), NCIS (276,000), Insight (232,000 from 8:30pm) and Gold Digger (211,000).

Nine network won Tuesday with 30.1% then Seven 24.5%, 10 19.8%, ABC 16.4% and SBS 9.2%.

Nine News was 858,000 / 848,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (769,000). Hot Seat was 432,000 / 264,000 and Chicago Med was 211,000.

Seven News was best for Seven at 951,000 / 931,000 then Home and Away (575,000), The Chase pulled 508,000 / 301,000.

The Project drew 449,000 / 263,000 for 10. 10 News First was 369,000 / 236,000.  NCIS: LA was 148,000.

ABC News was 691,000 for ABC. Rick Steins’s Road to Mexico drew 269,000 and The Drum was 178,000.

Also SBS were Why Do I Put on Weight? (158,000) and SBS World News (113,000).

NCIS on 10 BOLD led multichannels at 175,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 18 February 2020

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  1. I have found Today far better in 2020 and Karl & Alison seems to work very well together.
    Ratings don’t agree with me.
    Curious. Has 9 (or any channel) ever considered their brekky show being based from Melbourne?

  2. Tried watching Today show and it looked so amateurish. Newsreader and sports presenter both loiked like they didn’t want to be there! Just going through the motions. No personality coming from either of them.
    I will stick with Sunrise but please get rid of Sam and her uneducated ill- informed opinions. She is ruining an otherwise good show. Replace her with Sonia Krueger who is bright bubbly and intelligent!!!

  3. I find Today a bit annoying. We know Karl loves to laugh but does this mean all the other have to fake laugh. They laugh at anything and everything. They tend to have more boring stories too.

  4. Sunrise seem to be really putting every effort in to make sure they stay on top. What happened to Kochies 4 day week contract? He has been there everyday since they came back early from holidays. Next thing I reckon is that he will be nominated for Gold Logie by 7. I turn back and forth before I go to work to give Karl and Ally a go. I don’t mind Ally but Karl just kinda looks tired and worn out to me.

  5. Thanks TV Tonight for highlighting News Breakfasts win and using their photo rather than what other websites are doing, making it all about Karl and Today losing. Yes i know that’s a big story too but it’s refreshing in this day and age of click bait and shock value tabloid approach.

    1. I think it would be justified. Karl has such a big ego. He needs a strong equal personality to keep him in line. Lisa Wilkinson was that person but unfortunately for nine that ship has sailed. The decision not reach an agreement to renew Lisa’s contract was a mistake. What nine should have done is broken Karl’s contract and brought in another name. Ideally Ben Fordham. All water under the bridge now but to nine’s detriment

  6. Apparently Studio 10 is disastrously low too! I use to be an avid viewer but the show is simply not engaging anymore. When it was Ita and Jess on the panel, they shared unique perspectives on topics but I feel Ange, KAK and Narelda don’t offer a real point of difference despite Sarah’s best efforts. It really needs to find its true voice again to reclaim its audience.

    1. yes I used to like Studio Ten a lot more. Hosts keep leaving , maybe they aren’t paid enough. I like how they all used to have different views on things eg lefties righties and moderates. Now it is too politically correct. Also I think they need to get more stars on their show. Then I believe it would rate better.

    2. Studio 10 began it’s life on a solid foundation with Sarah, Ita, Jess and Joe. In particular I liked Ita because she has been around the business long enough to offer wisdom without coming across as condescending. The rot started with the hiring of Denise Drysdale. I understand she is a national treasure but I could only stomach Denise in small doses. Jess might have been off with the fairies on occasion but she has a passion for mental health issues when the topic would arise and spoke from the heart. I agree, Studio 10 has lots its mojo.

      1. Was also a big Studio Ten fan, but it’s gone way down the plug hole in the last few years. The guest panellists were a big plus, but they’ve been disposed of. Jess and Ita offered strong perspectives to bounce off Sarah and Joe. Angela and Craigy doing showbiz a highlight, as well as the regular celebrity interviews and guests. Now its just bland, beyond Sarah, who is a star and Joe, the roster of panelists dull, and there’s no fun. Little wonder it’s lost its way. Go back to the basics, big name guests, vary the panel with newsmakers, more celebrity interviews, fun and irreverence and it could be a winner again.

      2. I never liked Jess and was glad when she left. But the loss of Ita was when it really started to go downhill. Then the 2 Denises left (Drysdale for ill health the other, funnier, one for some other reason). They both had good energy at least.

        What doesn’t work is having Kerrie-Ann and Joe Hildebrand together. KAK is domineering and will bite your bloody head off if you disagree with her. Joe is too wordy. Please give him some communication lessons or at least get him to stop looking nervously off camera while he repeats everything 3 times (Is the floor manager winding him up constantly?).

        Still it is more watchable than ch 9 Today Extra. Though I haven’t watched it with the new hosts. Didn’t like Sonia Kruger or the male host at all. No chemistry.

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