Oscars In Memoriam omits Luke Perry

Another In Memoriam segment, another list of those left out....


Another In Memoriam segment, another list of those left out….

Yesterday’s Academy Awards tribute to those who have passed in the last 12 months did not include Luke Perry who died last March at the age of 52.

While Perry made a big impression in TV roles, he still featured in movies, including Oscar nominated Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, plus The Fifth Element, 8 Seconds, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more.

Also absent was horror legend Sid Haig, Haig, famed for playing Captain Spaulding in the Rob Zombie films House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects and 3 From Hell.

Cameron Boyce, the 20 year old actor who died in July, also didn’t make the list, nor did Orson Bean, the film, television and stage actor who died in a car accident last week the age of 91.

Updated: Also omitted were actors Carol Lynley, Tim Conway and Jan-Michael Vincent.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. The Academy has said in the past that it can only show only a selection of the members who have died in the past year but that they are honouring all in the In Memoriam tribute. They put a full slideshow on the Academy website.
    The In Memoriam list for 2019 is over 200 people. There’s no way they can recognise that many people in 3-5 minutes. As usual it is only the famous people who are noticed as being missed that causes an outcry, not the many other Academy members such as writers, editors, cameramen, agents etc. who aren’t shown.

    1. All the people you’ve mentioned are in the 2020 slideshow on the Oscars website, except for Orson Bean who they may put into next years. Freddie Jones and Jan-Michael Vincent also didn’t make the TV show.

  2. Luke Perry seems like a reasonably omission. He was predominantly a TV actor. He didn’t have any major roles in movies. Diahann Carroll not only had significant roles in movies like Carmen Jones, Porgy and Bess and Hurry Sundown, she was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for Claudine.

  3. At the risk of sounding harsh, there’s only a few minutes and presumably some difficult calls have to be made. Luke Perry in particular – as you suggest he was really a TV actor rather than known for the movies.

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