Pooch Perfect helps Seven to Thursday win

Ratings: Rebel Wilson show wins its timeslot. Gogglebox return tops the demos.

Seven snared a win on Thursday as it debuted its new dog-friendly reality show, hosted by Rebel Wilson. That’s good news for a network which is pretty much under siege….

Pooch Perfect also won its 7:30 slot with 624,000 ahead of 7:30 (528,000), Ambulance Australia (412,000) and RBT (411,000). Doctor Who was 221,000 from 8pm.

By 8:30 the return of Gogglebox was a winner with 685,000  -the top entertainment show and topping the night’s demos- well in front of Nine movie The Equalizer (254,000), Modern Family (242,000 / 181,000 / 144,000) and Secrets Of Britain (207,000).

Seven Network won Thursday with 28.2% then Nine 26.7%, 10 21.5%, ABC 15.3% and SBS 8.3%.

Seven News was #1 with 852,000 / 831,000. Home and Away drew 635,000 and  The Chase drew 496,000 / 316,000.

Nine News was best for Nine at 756,000 / 750,000 then A Current Affair (591,000). Hot Seat pulled 394,000 / 249,000.

The Project was 371,000 / 240,000 for 10 then 10 News First (328,000 / 191,000). A replay of Hughesy drew 247,000.

ABC News won its slot with 683,000. QI (233,000) Would I Lie to You? (205,000) and The Drum (178,000) also comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Britain’s Most Historic Towns  (206,000), SBS World News (113,000) and The Little Drummer Girl (81,000).

NCIS once again topped multichannels at 165,000.

The Morning Show: 114,000 / 86,000
Today Extra: 95,000 / 64,000
Studio 10: 48,000 / 44,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 27 February 2020.

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      1. I’ve only watched trailers of Pooch Perfect, and apart from the fact that I like dogs too much to subject them to bizarre haircuts which makes them look ridiculous, I wonder if I’m the only person who doesn’t like Rebel Wilson, or find her funny? I won’t be watching the show!

  1. I knew I would love the dogs on Pooch but think it will get a bit tiresome seeing more or less the same thing over and over and off course we had a bit of drama to add in there. I thought it was funny when Rebel said ‘tools down’ after the first round. Made me think of Scottie Cam !

  2. Thursday nights – record US Survivor (to watch in detail later) and in real time watch a stream of an old Doc Martin. I like dogs but find the whole pampering concept to be bizarre, on par with pedicure shops.

  3. Wonder how worried 7 are about John Coates comments about the impact of coronavirus on the Olympics. ‘More likely to be canceled than postponed’ is a worrying comment with 7 so reliant on it to launch their new shows.

  4. Pooch perfect did pretty well but it didn’t really have anything up against it i think the ratings will be clipped next week and is it just me or did the set look like the great australian bake off

          1. Yes it did drag numbers down for ACA but HAA did still win the slot against it 1900-1930.
            Surprised you didn’t find out and just guessed it the cause would’ve been the over-run of ACA.

  5. I don’t think Pooch Perfect will hold above 600k next week. More likely settle into the 500s based on curiosity factor for premiere and the fact it should not be a 90 minute show. Way too long for this rather niche subject matter especially on a school night.
    Just as Dance Boss unveiled the ” fact ” that Aussie workers set up amateur dance troupes after the daily grind ( actually – no ) perhaps Pooch Perfect is giving viewers another show genre they didn’t really ask for – and perhaps don’t even want !

  6. I loved Pooch Perfect – just really sweet and pure, with the joy of puppies both bought and rescued. Will definitely be watching again – but disclaimer, getting me to watch a show with puppies is like shooting fish in a barrel – pretty much guaranteed I will!!!

    1. Same here, it was a sweet show and I can see families breathing a sigh of relief that there is something they can watch together, plus doggos, pooches, puppers and floofs – it doesn’t get much better than that.

  7. Glad to have Gogglebox back, it was back to its best last night! I am not one to crucify changes early on however Kaday & Chantel need to relax and remember the audience connects with them through genuine reactions. The other two new cast came across authentically however Chantel especially appeared to be trying way too hard. Time will tell!

  8. Just a quick question, I don’t watch Googlebox, but what genre is it, reality or observational documentary? Because I would have thought Home and Away was the top scripted entertainment ‘drawcard’, while Googlebox was the top ‘entertainment drawcard’?

  9. Very surprised at how well Pooch Perfect did.
    Wonder will it hold these numbers going forward?
    Ch 9 needs to give 7 some competition on Thursday nights. They are basically “giving” them a win on Thursday Nights.

    1. With both NRL and AFL screening on Thursday nights in a few weeks, we go back to split schedules with the dominant code winning their states for the night. Nine are just padding it with filler content until then.

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