Q&A: Feb 17

On Monday Q&A is Live in Melbourne tackling a question of Trust.

Who do you trust? Sports rorts. Dodgy election donations. Schools and churches implicit in child sex abuse. Banks charging fees to dead people. AFP charging journalists. And media we can no longer rely on. Is it any wonder Australians have lost trust?  This week Q+A explores Trust – how we lost it, how we might regain it, and how to reinstate integrity and truth. The politicians are back this week and they’re promising to leave the talking points behind.

Joining host Hamish Macdonald are:

Katie Allen, Liberal MP for Higgins
Clare O’Neil, Shadow Minister for Innovation, Technology and the Future of Work
Jacqui Lambie, Independent Senator
Jack Manning Bancroft, Founder and CEO of Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience
Simon McKeon, Investment banker and former Australian of the Year

9:35pm Monday February 17 on ABC.


  1. The ABC lost my trust long ago. Because it refuses to debate issues and will only espouse its own views I got no intellectual stimulus from the shows I used to watch.

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