Romulus heads to SBS

Upcoming Euro drama Romulus which reconstructs the tale of the founding of Rome, has been picked up by SBS.

Set in the eighth century BC, along the banks of the Tiber, where a primitive and brutal world exists and a man’s fate is decided by the merciless power of nature and the gods. Romulus is the story of this world as seen through the eyes of three people marked by death, loneliness and violence. As these men and women learn how to shape their own destinies instead of passively suffering the whims of fate, a ferocious and protective female figure leads the formation of a new society – laying the foundations for one of the greatest Empires ever.

The production comes from ITV-owned Italian producers Cattleya, Groenlandia and Euro satellite broadcasters SKY.

SBS also picks up two further crime procedurals from Cattleya, Petra, an Italian adaptation of the international bestselling novels series from Alicia Gimenez Barlett, and Masantonio, which digs deep into the heart of missing persons investigations, uncovering the human story within.

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