Today Show feeds Karl to Hannibal Lecter

Nine last night unveiled 2020’s oddest promo so far with Karl Stefanovic channeling Hannibal Lecter.

In the promo, Karl is behind a cell with Allison Langdon approaching with caution, Jodie Foster-style.

“I’ve missed the smell of morning coffee,” he declares, before adding, “apparently I’ve been a very naughty boy.”

With the Nine line that “It won’t be boring!” the network seems to be pushing for spontaneity and riffing on Stefanovic’s dangerous personality.

It differs from Seven’s “family” line with Sunrise and ABC’s more serious approach to things on News Breakfast. I guess points for thinking outside the square…

Yet while Karl won’t win any Logie awards for acting, I wonder if this signals he is off the leash and where that may take us in terms of wayward Live TV. Be careful what you wish for…?


  1. Karl is going to help Alison bring down the ratings killer AKA Sunrise Kochie. Sunrise Koch is holding viewers hostage and telling them “put my show on your screen or else you get the Today show again.”

  2. “Yet while Karl won’t win any Logie awards for acting” don’t be so sure about that; stranger things have happened at the Logies. It’s good to see Nine taking the p**s out of the situation.

    • I avoided Today promos because of the VO Guy. His Voice was Way too dramatic and this was enough to turn my TV on mute. Many TVT readers have told that the 9 VO guy was too annoying. I hope that they get a new VO guy who has a less dramatic and more calming tone.

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