When Sarah Harris had toilet rolls returned to Channel Nine…

Only in Australia…

Studio 10 producer Jack was on a mission this morning on behalf of host Sarah Harris, who admitted to her colleagues this morning that she had nicked some toilet rolls from Channel Nine when she used to work there.

“I wouldn’t take out rolls and rolls of it. I would just take whatever I could fit in my handbag,” she revealed.

“I worked hard, I put in overtime,” she joked. ‘I chased stories hard. It was one time!”


Later in a live cross the grand theft was remedied with a bulk roll of 3 ply (I hope) toilet paper delivered to a very puzzled security guard at the TCN gatehouse.

Birthday boy Jono Coleman had the best punchline.  “Can you ask if there’s any mail for Kerri-Anne?”


  1. This reminds me of prank a workmate pulled on the new junior staffer. He’d set this up with his mate another bank. He told the new guy “Can you go to the National Bank and collect the Manager’s Relief Roll? Ask for John at frontline (customer service counter) and he’ll give it to you.” Of course when he went to the other bank he was handed a roll of toilet paper.

  2. This segment and Jono’s birthday party before it was Studio 10 back to its best. Has lost it’s way a bit in recent times a fact that is reflected in the ratings. I now watch out of habit as much as anything….

  3. Hilarious…always loved the more laid back attitude of Studio 10 and, though it can’t compete with the big breakfast shows, it still is a great staple of Aussie television. Also, now that they are doing well, maybe 10 could jump into the breakfast TV market and make a new show – it likely won’t be as bad as the current edition of Today. They even could just use the Studio 10 bran and extend it’s start time from 8:30 to about 6:30 or 7am.

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