1. Was it just me or did everyone else get the project run into their Survivor recording, i recorded it last night and the Dam Project ran 35mins into my Survivor ep!

  2. jezza the first original one

    Loving Survivor, a great bit of escapism in dark times. Looking forward to Bach in Paradise. I have gotta take aim at prime time advert…the one that starts with Dads Faves, its about how lovely a certain bank is when someone dies……seriously….talk about scare mongering. Oh and the ad industry needs to ensure they portray physical/social distancing, going forward

  3. ABC programming was well astray in SA. Neither Foreign Correspondent, nor Revelation here. The ABC24 coverage was on ABC from at least 8:00pm, through to 9:30pm local time.

    Sarah Ferguson tweeted about the ‘postponement’ of Revelation to next week:

  4. Here in Qld, ABC didn’t show 7.30, Foreign Correspondent or Revelation, instead they showed the News 24 on ABC1 and then went to Fake or Fortune. So annoying.

    • to be fair, 7.30 is an hour old by the time it airs in QLD (for another few weeks at least). Cutting to cover the breaking news was the right call I’d say.

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