Amazing Race Australia sticks to domestic route

10 series detour from international to Australia-only destinations this year.

10’s Amazing Race Australia will not be travelling overseas for its upcoming season, due to concerns around COVID-19.

A Network 10 spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Due to the current cautions around international travel due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a domestic route has proven the safest option for the upcoming season of The Amazing Race Australia, which begins production in June this year.

“The welfare of cast and crew is of the upmost importance and all necessary measures will be taken to ensure their protection. From tropical rainforests, to the arid, red desert of the outback and the cool mountainous hinterlands, we are confident that the sheer vastness and contrasting environment of Australia will create a unique and challenging backdrop to the most amazing race on earth.”

A local route will deny the show some of the cultural clashes (and bad tourists) for which the show is known. But the decision follows CBS halting production on the US series which is currently in production.

Coronavirus concerns are increasingly impacting film and television productions around the world.

The Amazing Race Australia is expected in Q4 on 10.

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  1. I’ll give it a go, but I don’t expect it to be anywhere hear as entertaining as the regular globe-trotting version.

    What’s happening with Travel Guides this year? Have they already filmed overseas? Or will they also be looking at doing an Australia-only version?

  2. Aren’t we all a bunch of negative Nellies! Sure, it’s not ideal, one of the best things about the show is the contestants grappling with unfamiliar cultures, foods etc. However, it seems they are making the best of a bad situation. And, it might even encourage more people to holiday at home, which can’t be a bad thing given the events of the last six months or so.

    1. Just because some felt the Canadian edition to be “horrible” it is illogical that an all-Australia edition would be “horrible”. I don’t know of any cities or towns or islands that have flights every 30 mins. Some have only 1 or 2 flights per day or even only 1 or 2 flights per week.

  3. My favourite seasons of Amazing Race have been the Canadian ones when they stay in Canada and explore their own country. When they travel overseas it just becomes like the others. Hope the Australia Only one is a success and they might alternate doing it vs a global trek in future years.

  4. Ok I will say there are two sides of this it will be amazing to see sights of Australia on TV which sometimes we don’t see but in Australia we do have that virus also so there is guarantee that the contestants wont get it going around getting it. I would agree not going to Italy, China, Iran but ,,,

  5. Amazing Race Australia have been quite bold with their decisions (both when on Seven and now on Ten) – they have gone to places avoided by the US version. Plus, I get the impression they’ve upped the difficulty a bit on the Oz version. The US version’s challenges can be a little lame. So given this, I suspect they’ll put together a great local edition of the show.

  6. Honestly they would be better postponing filming season 2 I don’t hate this but people hated on last season because they stuck to 3 continents Africa,Asia & Australia so I don’t think they will like this

  7. Oh how dangerous when that will be the peak of the danger/infections here (apparently), be safer in the northern hemisphere summer away from flue season, but then again who really knows.
    Hopefully is a bit of local fun.

  8. I’m actually looking forward to the domestic-only season! Visit each state and territory and all will be swell!

    At least we still have a show and hopefully, we are back internationally in 2021!

  9. I think this is a great idea, virus or not. Show off some great parts of the country. Still plenty of opportunity for culture shock, city vs country folk etc.

  10. Fans weren’t particular fond of the US version’s Family Edition, which only travelled around North America. I thought it was okay though and maybe an Australia only version might work with teams of 2.

  11. This is a smart decision and could pay dividends. With domestic tourism being hit hard by the bushfires and covid-19 Ten could really promote this well and push the staycation theme to support struggling regional areas. I’m 100% in for this series. Last season was well done and I really enjoyed it.

    1. I have to agree with you. It simply is not The Amazing Race when you don’t travel to multiple continents/countries. It needs to be subtitled something else to separate itself from the version that travels to international destinations. I’m not saying this isn’t a good idea, it just shouldn’t be called the same as past Amazing Race seasons so viewers don’t get disappointed when they see it doesn’t feature overseas destinations.

      1. I think this is a time when we should be rallying behind our homegrown products in support. we’re going to be experiencing issues like this with every industry in australia for the remainder of the year probably. and I hope productions and businesses can continue even if it means a subpar product.

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