Angela Bishop, Christian Wilkins cleared.

Good news for 10 talent, given all clear but remaining in self-isolation a little longer.

Good news for 10 talent Angela Bishop and Christian Wilkins who have been cleared following a test for coronavirus.

But both will continue to self-isolate until Thursday 26 March and Monday 23 March respectively.

Dancer Lily Cornish has also been cleared. All were tested following Richard Wilkins’ positive result.

A Network 10 spokesperson: “Studio 10 presenter and Network 10 entertainment editor Angela Bishop and Dancing With the Stars contestant Christian Wilkins have tested negative to the COVID-19 virus. Both Angela and Christian continue to show no symptoms.

“Our focus continues to be the health, safety and well being of our people. As per the advice from health authorities, Angela and Christian will continue to self-isolate for the advised 14 days from date of exposure to ensure maximum safety for all involved, their family and friends, as well as the general public.

“Angela will continue to appear on Studio 10 via Skype until the end of her self-isolation period.

Christian and Lily will appear on Dancing With The Stars remotely this Sunday, planning to return to the dance floor the following Sunday.

“As a precaution, all Dancing With The Stars cast and crew will continue to self-monitor for symptoms until the end of Christian’s self-isolation period.”

In regards to the continuation of DWTS while social-distancing rules are in place, the situation is less clear. But 10 confirmed the show is proceeding.

“A number of precautions had already been put in place for Sunday’s show to minimise any potential exposure or spread of the virus including promoting good hygiene practices backstage and in-studio, and filming without a studio audience,” said the 10 spokesperson.

“All Dancing With The Stars cast and crew have been asked to self-monitor for symptoms relating to COVID-19 while we await the results of Christian’s test. Warner Bros. and Network 10 will provide all cast and crew the appropriate accommodation and support during this time.”

Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa team have also tested negative.

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  1. Just a question about Network 10 and Coronavirus..

    Why is 10 the only network that has not been doing any breaking news or cutovers when there is a press conference?

    Nearly every day where there has been breaking news or a important press conference.. 9, 7 and ABC break into a show and do this..

    10 hasn’t been?

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