Around the World in 80 Days halts production

Seven are backers of major miniseries starring David Tennant.

Production on Around the World In 80 Days has halted due to the coronavirus crisis.

Deadline reports Slim Film + Television has suspended shooting on the eight-part show for a month, and cast and crew are being flown home over the next 24 hours.

David Tennant, who plays Phileas Fogg, is among those returning to the UK.

“We’ll crawl over hot coals to make our shows, but there comes a point when you go: this isn’t fair on the teams and their families back at home. We’ve got to call a temporary hiatus and look after everyone and get them home,” producer Crawford Collins said. “We’re trying to pause things in the most effective way so we can launch back into production as soon as the mists clear.”

The project is a Slim Film + Television and Federation co-production with additional co-production partners, Palladium Pictures in South Africa, and Daro Film, associate producer. Seven West Media are also backing the production and due to broadcast in Australia.

But Slim Film + Television has decided to forge ahead with another of its productions: Mystic, being filmed in New Zealand for Seven, TVNZ and CBBC.

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