Axed: Hawaii Five-0 confirms final season

"I’m going to miss you. Aloha," Alex O'Loughlin tells fans.

US crime drama Hawaii Five-0 will end with its 10th season.

The series, which stars Aussie Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett, will wrap in the US in April with a two-hour finale, putting it at two seasons short of the original series which ran from 1968-80.

“This show has been pretty much every waking moment for the last 10 years of my life,” said O’Loughlin. “Everywhere I go on this planet, in every language, I am McGarrett to all these people. What we’ve done, what we’ve accomplished, it’s extraordinary. I can’t really put words to express my level of gratitude. I’m just glad to have been a part of this, a part of history, and I’m going to miss it. And to the fans, I don’t know how to thank you guys. Thank you for following us the way you have. I’m going to miss you. Aloha.”

“It’s never easy to say goodbye to a hit franchise that carried on the legacy of the original with such distinction, while establishing its own signature style,” said CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl. “From episode one, Hawaii Five-0 has been a huge success for us. Thanks to the amazing talents of the producers, writers, cast and crew, it has played a key role for a decade on our schedule and helped establish our powerhouse Friday night. We cannot be prouder of its quality and longevity and are thankful for the passionate fan devotion it inspired.”

The series, which airs in Australia on 10 BOLD, also features Scott Caan, Ian Anthony Dale, Meaghan Rath, Beulah Koale, Katrina Law, Taylor Wily, Dennis Chun, Kimee Balmilero and Chi McBride also star.

Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park starred in the first seven seasons.

Season 10 is yet to begin in Australia.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. When the original Hawaii 5-0 ended, the original Magnum PI took over the next season. This time around there is a two season over lap. But I guess fans can get their Hawaii fix with the newer show.

  2. Best when it fetured the senary but too often it was over the top gun fights & violent.stories in what supposed to be a tropical paradise full of tourists. Poor ad for the USA. tourism.

  3. Glad they have been told in advance so it can hopefully be wrapped up well.
    H5-0 was a good show but the last couple of seasons have seen some crazy stories. The bushfire Helicopter rescue and tunnel collapse prison escape just 2 of the more ridiculous episodes.

  4. Will be missed in our household but its probably about time. Some of the story lines in the last few years have been a bit ridiculous – lifting a house with a helicopter for example. Just wish they had of told me this before I renewed my CBS all access subscription.

  5. Shame – we’ve enjoyed this series – even when they were really stretching the storylines a few years ago, All we need now is for CBS/TEN/BOLD to start showing new episodes instead of the repeatsrepeatsrepeatsrepeats…..

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